Dialysis Work Completed in Haiti and the Sudan
Bridge of Life (BOL) traveled to Haiti in June to kick off the building of a new dialysis unit and to the Sudan in July to provide local dialysis staff training

Our Director of Technical Operations, Chris Atwater, is working with Sodeth Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to establish a brand new hemodialysis facility. Construction at the new facility is already underway and is estimated to complete by mid-August. Chris will return with a team of six volunteers in October to begin training local staff members on operating the clinic at international standards.

Chris also attended the Sudanese Nephrology meeting in July and hosted a dialysis quality standards seminar and training. A total of 56 attendees, including engineers from each Sudanese government dialysis unit, participated in the seminar, which will help impact over 3,000 Sudanese dialysis patients. Additionally, Chris met with the Sudanese Ministry of Health to discuss further BOL collaboration, training and assistance to establish countrywide dialysis standards.

Stay tuned for more details in coming months on BOL's 2018 dialysis work!
Volunteers Train Community Health Workers to Treat Sugarcane Workers in Bolivia
In partnership with Etta Projects, our volunteer team, including five DaVita Kidney Care teammates, screened over 400 individuals for chronic diseases in May.

The team also trained 10 local community health workers (CHWs) the first two days of the trip as part of BOL's goal to provide sustainable, ongoing healthcare services for the workers. They provided education on kidney function and diseas e and ways to prevent chronic kidney disease of unknown origin (CKDu), emphasizing the importance of hydration, rest, shade, protective clothing, and nutrition.  The CHWs are developing innovative ways to improve these factors. One CHW offered a solution her grandfather taught her when she was a child working in the fields:  burying water jugs in the ground to keep them cool and promote better hydration. 

"All of the CHWs seem to have a great understanding of their role and are eager to get started with health education lessons with the sugarcane workers," said Katie Chandler, BOL's Program Director.

BOL plans to return to Bolivia next year to continue CHW training with Etta Projects and further investigate CKDu occurring within the sugarcane worker population.
DaVita Teammates Fundraise to Impact Patients Around the World

Teammates from DaVita rallied together to raise funds for BOL's programs through fun summer events!  DaVita Labs, based in Deland, Florida, held a warehouse garage sale where teammates purchased items totaling over $600.  And DaVita Team Music City's QA team located in Brentwood, Tennessee is hosting a series of catered snacks and lunches throughout the summer that teammates can purchase with funds benefiting BOL. So far, they've raised over $2,800!

If you or your team would like to host an event to fundraise for BOL, contact Donations@bolteam.org for more details!
Bridge of Life Meets with Haitian Health Workers
BOL's volunteer team departed for a medical mission to Haiti in July which was cut short due to protests and riots spurred by an increase in fuel prices in the capital area of Port-au-Prince.

Despite the shortened trip, BOL still had the chance to debrief with CHWs from Double Harvest to evaluate the work they've done with local patients and participate in one of their blood pressure classes attended by 54 community members.  BOL's Program Director, Katie Chandler, stated it was clear that the participants had an in-depth understanding of blood pressure (BP), prevention and their own BP scores."

"Even the elderly smile at me more, despite the fact that I am young, and now call me 'mama' because I'm able to give them medicine that makes them well, " said one CHW.

A Haitian patient participating in the class said, "My community is special because it has this lifesaving program."

With all volunteers safely back on U.S. soil, BOL is now  focused on rescheduling a return trip with in-country partner, Double Harvest, in order to serve the estimated 1,500 Haitians who were to receive healthcare services during the original mission.
Over 1,000 Displaced Syrian Refugees Receive Needed Healthcare Services in Jordan
In April, BOL partnered with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) to screen a total of 1,001 displaced individuals for chronic diseases. 

"Many heard about the Syrian crisis on TV and in the media and read about it in the newspaper," said Maryam Ashtiani, dietitian, DaVita Inc. and BOL volunteer. "Many hurried to send donations. Many just prayed. But many, like BOL and SAMS , pulled their sleeves up and organized a medical mission...Hearing about Syrian refugees on TV is nothing like holding their hands and hearing their stories."

For more details on BOL's work with the refugees in Jordan, check out blog posts from volunteer Dee Bradley, RN, DaVita Inc.and Katie Chandler, BOL's Program Director.  Or view coverage on the mission in DaVita Inc.'s press release and Colorado publication, La Voz.
Donate Your Car: Make a Big Impact on Global Healthcare without Going Out-of-Pocket

If you have an old car that's taking up space or eating up your summer vacation dollars with repairs, you could make a BIG impact that isn't even out-of-pocket by donating your vehicle to BOL through the CARS program!

And the process is super easy - CARS will take your vehicle information by phone, arrange for pick-up and send any funds directly to BOL.  Click here for more information on the CARS Program and how to donate!
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