PAX and BridgePay Combine Forces to Offer the ISV Market a new EMV Certified Payment Solution 
Jacksonville, FL. April 23, 2019 -  PAX Technology Inc. (PAX), a leading international supplier of secure electronic payment solutions, and BridgePay Network Solutions LLC (BridgePay), a leading transactional gateway focused on ISV integrations, announced today that the PAX full suite of payments terminals, including its new Android-based devices, are now EMV certified to the BridgePay Gateway.

BridgePay's gateway integration with PAX product suite offers ISVs and merchants a variety of payment terminal options.  BridgePay collaborated with PAX to build a unique BroadPOS BridgePay app available to ISVs and merchants via the PAXSTORE. The BroadPOS BridgePay app enables a merchant to seamlessly process EMV transactions through the gateway using over thirty different PAX devices. The versatility of the PAX Android solution provides a complete omni-channel solution allowing merchants to transact in a multitude of environments.

"We are extremely excited to be able to offer our ISVs and ISOs so many device solutions from PAX via a very simple integration to the BroadPOS BridgePay app. A huge benefit is for current PAX POSLink integrators-they are able to start using this gateway solution immediately with no additional work on their side," said Rick Taylor, CEO of BridgePay, "Our partners have also been seeking a mobile Android-based device, and the PAX A920 will satisfy a lot of partners and their merchants."

Beyond, a leading ISO based in Princeton, NJ, will be one of the first customers to implement the solution. "Deploying simple, user friendly EMV solutions to our customers is critical to Beyond's success," said Michael English, Vice President of Product Management at Beyond, "PAX's diverse line of terminals and supporting applications position our sales team to provide solutions to a diverse number of industries like non-profits, school cafeterias, as well as many other SMB merchants." 

"The PAX common kernel solution makes integration easy and scalable," said Andy Chau, CEO of PAX, "Using BridgePay's gateway is important in the payment's equation because it gives the merchant more power and flexibility when accepting payments.  Their gateway gives PAX devices a single integration platform for EMV processing no matter if it is an A920, E500, or PX7."