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Winter is a slow time for us. ( in fact deconstruction in Connecticut is slow in general, but that is too big of a topic for this moment). For the last two months our one large job has been dismantling the 1830 house in Union, Ct. We have to work around the weather and that slows things down. We are not getting paid for this work so we need to sell materials to pay for all the expenses. ( See photo below). This is one of those situations where we cannot donate the materials to a not for profit, as the materials pay for the salvage work. The only other option would be these materials getting discarded.

Our new retail space requires setup that includes moving some inventory from storage in Hamden and other locations. 

The new space has been a storage for us for the last two years, but now that it is retail space, it cost more. 

The truck we use for hauling big and heavy loads is out of commission and we estimate a minimum of $ 2,000.00 in repairs. ( And we still owe on the last vehicle repair !).

We also have to relocate within the Fairhaven Furniture building. This requires additional labor at the same time we need additional labor to establish Bridgeport.

We have an unexpected bill of  over $ 8,000.00 due to a contractor not paying their bill. This is very unfortunate because it inhibits us from continuing important salvage work. 

Even though on most larger jobs we have the property owners donate all the materials we salvage, we still have too much inventory. 

Selling more materials provides us with the room and means to keep more materials out of the dumpster(s).

 Maybe we can use some of the cash raised to re-print our gift certificates with our new addresses......

 We have NOT had retail at our old Hamden address for two years or so. The office is in Hamden. The retail is online, at Fairhaven Furniture, 72 Blatchley Avenue, New Haven; and , starting March 3rd, 1155 Railroad Avenue in Bridgeport.


We continue to provide deconstruction services to remove entire houses, or sheds, barns and garages. 

Lots of c. 1830 materials from this house coming in . We've got the top two floors disassembled. First floor to go.

We can provide the person power to complete the demolition aspect of an renovation project. You as the owner can reduce costs when we recover reusable materials.

Products and Services
We have a number of shops and contractors that we now collaborate with , as well as our own staff, that can produce custom counters, furniture, commercial  interior renovations and more, including  installation.

Urbanminers staff engage in what has previously been a rare activity: installing something instead of removing it. Yellow pine from a Hamden barn deconstruction becoming walls in City Point Kitchen in New Haven

Urbanminers salvaged chestnut, maple, white oak and heart pine installed at Spoke & Spy Cider Works, Middletown. ( Pieces created by Sage Galleries)

Gift cards come in 10,20. & 50 dollar amounts.

Fully insured, 

Ct. Class B Demolition License Ct. #2013

Phone: (203) 287-0852