Seattle 2e Community,

263 days until school begins!

By now you have heard the good news that we have secured a space for Bridges Academy Seattle’s founding students and families. 

Our priorities at the moment are finding the most amazing faculty, administrators and staff that we can. We are conducting Seattle and national searches for all of our positions. As of this writing I have interviewed 16 candidates, with more scheduled after the holidays. It is a major challenge and we expect to be in the search mode for the better part of 2022 as we establish the inaugural faculty and grow it as enrollment increases. Feel free to put the word out about our searches, the information is provided in the career section of this newsletter. We are also working simultaneously on the space modification plans, space and grant funding campaigns and program development. More on that in the new year!

The Bridges Seattle website is scheduled to be live by the end of January - well most of the pages will be live and schedules change. We will be evolving the site through the year as Bridges Seattle comes into being so that it reflects its character, style and community, and develops its identity as a 2e school. 

After the winter break we will be announcing the next open houses for families new to the exploration of Bridges and 2e education. Feel free to spread the word of these open houses when announced. Families new to Bridges and those acquainted with Bridges already can also make individual appointments with our admissions office to explore the Bridges option for their child. 

We will be on holiday beginning next week and will have limited internet and phone access, but will be back in full swing in January. Have a wonderful winter break and holidays and we will be in touch again soon!


Carl Sabatino
Head of Schools

Learn More
Many of you might now just be learning about Bridges Academy or even twice-exceptionality. For those of you that fall into these categories we encourage you to stay tuned and attend one of our upcoming open houses. The open houses are currently being scheduled and will be announced after the new year.

Please feel free to contact our Director of Admission Doug Lenzini or our admissions associate Kayla Franklin Waesche for an introduction into twice-exceptional education and Bridges Academy. A preliminary conversation with our admissions team about your child could be an eye-opening experience and an exciting step in your child's future.

To learn more about 2e education check out:

Apply Now!
The application form is available digitally here. We encourage you to apply early.
Families who complete the application process by January 30, 2022 will be placed in the early decision pool and notified on or before February 21, 2022. Families completing the process after January 30 will be notified on a rolling basis subject to available space.
The $175 application fee will be waived for those applying for the inaugural year. Please use the code BAS2022.
Bridges Seattle is committed to making a 2e education possible for all 2e
students. After acceptance, you can formally apply for one of our need-based assistance programs. To explore programs now, visit or contact Shane Brennan anytime to discuss your specific circumstances.

An important part of our application process is meeting with your child. With the holiday season fast approaching, and early decision applications due by the end of January, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to sign up for a time slot to move forward with that part of the process. 

To schedule a time slot for us to meet with your child, please visit this link.

You should expect an email with a Zoom link to join within 24 hours of signing up. If anything changes and you need to cancel, please email Kayla Franklin Waesche at to reschedule.
Curriculum Corner
Strength & Materials
Bridges Academy Los Angeles students in their strength of materials course learn about the concepts of stress, strain, crystal structure, material selection, and structural design. They explore these topics through mechanical testing of various structures and discussion of the theory behind solid mechanics.

These tests included obtaining the poisson ratio of rubber bands and testing the breaking stress of one of the instructor’s hairs. The poisson ratio is the ratio of lateral contraction to longitudinal extension and breaking stress is the ratio of the maximum load sustained in the material to its cross-sectional area. 

The students also fabricate structural members and analyze material choice for various applications. They explored compressive and tensile loading in concrete columns. They made these columns in the lab in addition to metal internal supports to improve performance in bending and tension.
Special Visit from Drone Cinematographer
Providing guest speakers and presenters who are experts in their fields is an important element of the Young Expert Program. Students benefit from the opportunity to see different career paths, ask questions, and learn from industry leaders.

Last week, Los Angeles high school students in the Young Expert Program attended a presentation by guest speaker, Colin Burgess, a professional drone cinematographer. Colin is a FAA licensed pilot and co-founder of Strato Aerial Productions. He holds both Private Pilot and Remote Pilot Certificates and is in the Local 600.

Having flown thousands of hours of RC, Colin is uniquely suited to fly in challenging situations while gracefully accomplishing the desired shot. Colin spoke to our students about his professional journey, the impacts of drone cinematography on the film industry, and treated students to a flight demonstration.
Career Opportunities
Assistant Head/Founding Director

The search for the Assistant Head/Director of Bridges Seattle School will continue through January.

This is a great opportunity to take the 2e movement forward and for a meaningful career. We are working with consultant Joan Beauregard from Educators Collaborative to find the perfect candidate. If you are interested in applying please contact Joan. If you have a colleague who might be interested in this position, please forward this information.

Teaching Assignments

Our search for the Bridges Seattle inaugural faculty is underway. We are looking to fill positions in our elementary school ( 4-6), middle school (7-8), and high school (9-12) programs. Teachers for all academic disciplines and enrichment programming are encouraged to apply.

We are working with CalWest Educators Placement to find this amazing faculty team. Matt Carroll, the Bridges Seattle Administrative assistant, is organizing and supporting all internal matters related to the search. If you have a colleague who might be interested in this position, please forward this information.

For more information or to apply please contact:

Maria Anderson at
Matt Carroll at

Our search for the Bridges Seattle inaugural counseling team is underway. We are looking to fill one position in each of the following divisions: elementary (4-6), middle school (7-8), and high school (9-12). Bridges Seattle administrative assistant Matt Carrol is supporting the counselor search. 

For the basic job description contact Matt and/or to apply, send Matt your cover letter, resume and references. If you have a colleague who might be interested in this position, please forward this information.

Matt Carroll at
Head of Schools
Assistant Head, Director Bridges H.S. Online
Seattle Parent Coordinator
Site Committee Chair
Director of Admissions
Admissions Liaison