Dear Families,

We are excited to announce that the application process for faculty and counseling positions is now open. In the career section of this newsletter we are providing information on the process. Please feel free to forward this information to educators you know who might be interested in an exceptional career, or rather, a twice-exceptional career.

I am also excited to announce that the signing of the lease is imminent. Unless something totally unexpected changes our trajectory, we are headed toward a landing at a great location for our inaugural home, centrally located in Seattle and easily accessible by the freeways. The formal announcement with all the details will come out before the next newsletter, so we will send you a special “bulletin”. Watch for it!


Carl Sabatino
Head of Schools

November Open Houses
Phoenix and Middle School
Upcoming open houses for prospective Phoenix and middle school students are quickly approaching. These open houses are intended for families new to the conversation that have not had a consultation with Kayla or Doug. If you have not been to one of our events before, or know someone who would be interested in learning more about the Phoenix and middle school programs, please RSVP for one of our upcoming open houses.

The Zoom link will be sent shortly before the event begins.

Contact Kayla Waesche with specific questions.



Middle School

Date and Time

Tues., Nov. 16 at 6 p.m.

Wed., Nov 17 at 6 p.m.

Professional Luncheon
A big thank you to all of the professionals who participated in the meeting for members of the professional community located in the greater Seattle area. While the initial plan was an in-person luncheon, the meeting was instead hosted over Zoom. Professionals participating in the event included a licensed marriage and family therapist, local business owners, an occupational therapist, an educational therapist, and special education advocates to name a few. 

These events are a regular feature of Bridges Academy to inform everyone about Bridges and to build community and connections. Luncheons are being planned for 2022. Please email Kayla Waesche with any contacts for future professional luncheons.
Curriculum Corner
Fibonacci On Campus
Phoenix mathematicians in Los Angeles explored the Fibonacci sequences last month. Students began by seeing how the Fibonacci sequence expands and were able to replicate it on graph paper to make geometric spirals. The spiral pattern also shows up naturally in plants. Plants have to grow leaves in a particular pattern, and learned that the general angle at which leaves on plants grow is called "phi".

Students explored the flora of Bridges and measured the angles of leaf growth on plants. Students also learned about other variations of natural growth and the other reasons why plants may choose to grown in one variation over another.

What's in a Name? (Hint: It's Angles)
Phoenix students continued their exploration of geometry by looking at more angles and triangles. Students began the week by measuring the angles in their names and getting more practice with the protractor. The class discussed complementary and supplementary angles and students then went back to their name angles to find any examples of these.

Later in the week, students learned how to name angles using points and vertices. Rather than saying "that angle", students were able to name angles which will be invaluable as they dive deeper into geometry.
Career Opportunities
Assistant Head/Founding Director

The search for the Assistant Head/Director of Bridges Seattle School is still open. This is a great opportunity to take the 2e movement forward and for a meaningful career. We are working with consultant Joan Beauregard from Educators Collaborative to find the perfect candidate. If you are interested in applying please contact Joan. If you have a colleague who might be interested in this position, please forward this information.

Teaching Assignments

Our search for the Bridges Seattle inaugural faculty is now underway. We are looking to fill positions in our elementary school ( 4-6), middle school (7-8), and high school (9-12) programs. Teachers for all academic disciplines and enrichment programming are encouraged to apply.

We are working with CalWest Educators Placement to find this amazing faculty team. Matt Carroll, the Bridges Seattle Administrative assistant, is organizing and supporting all internal matters related to the search. If you have a colleague who might be interested in this position, please forward this information.

For more information or to apply please contact:

Maria Anderson at
Matt Carroll at

Our search for the Bridges Seattle inaugural counseling team has also begun. We are looking to fill one position in each of the following divisions: elementary (4-6), middle school (7-8), and high school (9-12). Bridges Seattle administrative assistant Matt Carrol is supporting the counselor search. 

For the basic job description contact Matt and/or to apply, send Matt your cover letter, resume and references. If you have a colleague who might be interested in this position, please forward this information.

Matt Carroll at
Helpful Ideas:
How to Set Limits on Non-Academic Screen Time at Home
Conversations and strategies on limiting kids' non-academic screen time at home are becoming more and more prevalent for parents as the pandemic turns the corner. With on-campus learning and social in-person activities returning, parents are wondering if it's time to have stricter limits at home.

Recently the Child Mind Institute had a great article on how to set limits on screen time. Below is an excerpt from the article:

"Lots of parents worry about their kids’ screen time, but it can be hard to know how much is too much. To figure it out, it helps to think about your child’s overall health and wellness. Do they get plenty of sleep and exercise? Are they keeping up in school? Do they spend quality time with friends and family? Do they enjoy non-screen activities and hobbies, like music or sports? If all the answers are yes, then screen time isn’t likely to be a problem. But if tech gets in the way of any of those things, then limiting screen time might help."

Next Crucial Conversations is November 17
The next episode of season three will feature Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D., who is the founder of With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC. Julie passionately guides parents of gifted and distractible children, mentors 2e adults, trains educators, and advises professionals on how to bring out the best and raise self-confidence in their 2e students and clients. She serves as secretary to the Maryland Superintendent’s Gifted and Talented Advisory Council and is an advisor for the masters of education program for the Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity.

Julie is also the Maryland liaison for Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG), a committee member for the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), and serves as an advisor to The G Word feature documentary currently in production. Julie produces Let’s Talk 2e! virtual conferences, hosts the Let’s Talk 2e! Parent Empowerment Series, maintains the free listing service,, and publishes “Gifted & Distractible,” a free monthly newsletter.

A frequent speaker and prolific writer, Julie is also the mother of three twice-exceptional children who keep her on her toes and uproariously laughing.

Head of Schools
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