Community Leadership Luncheon,
Monday September 23rd, 2019
The Hotel at Arundel Preserves
7795 Arundel Mills Blvd. Hanover, MD 21076
11am - 2pm
Many Hands Make LIGHT Work!

Alone we can do so little: Together WE can do so much!

No single organization can succeed in their work alone. That is why we at JustLiving Advocacy believes, that 'many hands - make light work' and that we have to build a collaborative capacity with our community organizations to achieve our goals. In doing so, we have to recognize, support and show our gratitude to the businesses, community foundations, individuals and organizations that help us along the way in supporting our endeavors. Community , plays a significant role in being a Bridge of HOPE, which helps change the lives for the ones we are serving.

I want to personally invite you, to attend the Bridges of HOPE Community Leadership Luncheon, on Monday, September 23rd, 2019 and be a part of our hope & opportunity community celebration. Please click HERE to register and for more details.

The Bridges of HOPE Community Leadership will recognize:

Women's Giving Circle of Howard County. H ave helped many women and girls continuously throughout the years through their Emergency Response Network (ERN) and Journey Leadership programs and much more, which has had a major positive impact into their lives, their families and their community. Click HERE to learn more...

Barb Van Winkle, Nancy Adams Personnel, has provided job opportunities to many individuals, where they begin their journey to self-sufficiency. Nancy Adams Personnel also collaborates with many HoCo organizations and businesses to support their endeavors in providing employment opportunities for their clients and applicants. Click HERE to learn more...

Beverly White-Seals, President & CEO of Community Foundation of Howard County, has positioned the organization as a hub for connecting philanthropic residents with local nonprofits to improve the lives of those living in Howard County. In essence, through the philanthropic initiatives of this foundation, it provides and gives Bridges of HOPE to many nonprofit organizations, to help them perform their missions in changing lives, strengthening families and strengthening the communities where we live. Click HERE to learn more...

As an emerging nonprofit, JustLiving Advocacy's mission is to reduce poverty in families, by bridging unemployed female head-of-households to work through our Childcare Scholarship program. The lack of quality affordable childcare remains the # 1 barrier that prevents the opportunity for many women, who are the householder a path to work and to begin a journey to self-sufficiency. This is where independence is achieved and the family begins to survive and thrive. We are extremely passionate about our advocacy and determined to make a difference in the lives of many families who need a helping hand.

Please join us in celebrating our Bridges of HOPE Community Leaders for their uplifting hands and thank them for providing opportunities and making a true difference in the lives of families, women and children. Also, this is an opportunity for you to come and learn more about JustLiving and our advocacy for HOPE.

It only takes one helping hand to change a life of another.

Nette Stokes
JustLiving Advocacy, Inc.