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Bridging Hearts: Inside the Donation Room

Still holding his mother's hand, a bright, beaming 10-year-old peeked his face around the donation room door. "Is that my bike over there?" he asked, his voice edging up in excitement. When the affirmative answer came, he raced over to grab the handle bars and touch the sleek black and green painted frame. "This is SOOOO cool!" he said, calling out to his mother. Two younger siblings burst in behind him, magnetically drawn to the bikes destined to become theirs. "OH, OH, OH!" and "YES!" were simultaneously exhaled as each touched the dream-mobiles they had hoped for. Their mother, overcome with happiness, kept saying "Thank you!" over and over again. As gift bags and bikes were piled into the car, everyone expressed their joy and smiles and hugs, heading off to share an unexpected bounty with genuine gratitude for the kindness of strangers.

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