January 2018  
Dear Friends,  

Many people are still stuck in the old materialistic world view that believes matter is unconscious, and that nature is made up of mechanical interactions between unconscious matter. This reductionist world view does not account for the healing power of prayer. Descartes, called the "father of science" defined matter as unconscious over 300 years ago, and many of us believe that still today. Many of us are so enamored with the advances of science that to challenge any accepted belief will elicit an automatic negative response.To those who hold Descartes' assertion as truth, we answer that it is important to clarify and address this OLD scientific world view while still honoring reason and rational thinking. For example, atheist friends tell me they do not accept non local states of consciousness or prayer as real. They believe in Descartes. Today there are many academic disciplines that are challenging Descartes' scientific world view because there is new research that challenges these ideas. I believe that the materialistic old scientific world view has contributed to the ecologic and moral crisis we find ourselves in today, Behaviorism in psychology, for example, has agreed with the scientific world, but many psychologist now realize that behavioral psychology does not tell the whole picture of what is going on with human beings, hence the emergence of trans-personal psychology, This posits that humans, in order to have balance and health, need to address the organic wholeness of the whole person- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Physics has offered us a new pair of glasses to be able to percieve where science and religion can come together. Physicists like John Stewart Bell, have given us principles such as "non-local causation" which teaches that distant objects that have been in contact with other objects, when one makes a change, the other also changes in the same way regardless of how far apart they are. Mothers who know when their children are in trouble would be an example of this. Many people have experienced waking up in the middle of the night knowing that someone they love has had an accident or has died. The brave and brilliant biologist Rupert Sheldrake, who has been ostracized by the academic community, studies telepathy. In one of his many great books, Dogs Who Know There Owners Are Coming Home, he shares scientific studies of this phenomena. He offers a theory of "morphic fields" which help explain telepathy as well as how flocks of birds and schools of fish move together and for me how prayer works. (Please join our movie night series about Rupert Shelpdrake Saturday, Feb. 17 at 7 pm with popcorn and discussion.)

Dr. Larry Dossey, a medical doctor who has studied prayer writes, "If prayer were a conventional form of energy, it should weaken as distance is increased, and this does not happen. If it were energy, its effects could be shielded, but this has not proved possible This suggests that prayer does not involve any conventional form of energy or signal, that it does not travel from here to there, and that it many not "go" anywhere at all. It then it may be simultaneously present everywhere, enveloping sender, object and [God] all at once." Healing Words.

Church for Our Common Home begins with the vision that our ecologic crisis can be the a unifying force we need as a human family to learn to think and behave differently. We will not solve our current ecologic and global problems using the world view that created the ecologic and global problems in the first place. It is past time we bridge the new science with ancient religious wisdom. I am hopeful for I believe our ecologic crisis is bringing many of us back to the wisdom of ancient religions traditions, including Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, indigenous religions etc. as well as Christian teachings, (not necessarily the traditions of the Christian church but) the teachings of Jesus. Jesus taught that all life is sacred and that we are all interconnected. What we do to anyone or anything we do to ourselves. I am happy to announce that w e launched our monthly Prayer and Healing Worship service and invite you to join us every 3rd Sundays at 5 pm for intercessory prayer, anointing ritual, guided mediation, chanting and hands on healing. May this new prayer and healing service dedicate itself to the marriage of science and religion as reclaim our western ancient tradition of prayer and healing. Prayer, dream honoring, Lectio Divina etc. are spiritual practices not offered as escape but to wake us up and to make us more effective in working to save our planet!!

Recently, I discovered a small paperback book, The Healing Light by Agnes Sanford and learned that she was the mother of Rev.John Sanford, an Episcopal priest and Jungian psychotherapist who served St Paul's Cathedral many years ago here in San Diego. It meant so much to me that the man who wrote, Dreams Gods Forgotten Language that helped me reclaim my dream practice as founded in the ancient wisdom traditions of the Bible, had a mother who was a major leader in the charismatic healing movement several decades ago. Agnes offers a wonderful parable for taking back God in an age that sometimes thought science had left no need for God. It is past time we take back the healing and prayer traditions of Christianity. Mother Earth and all her creatures, human and non-human need our prayers. We desperately need spiritual practices that we can share in religious community that will bind us together for the overwhelming work we have ahead of us. Agnes Sanford's parable states.
“'Don’t you know you’re in great danger, little fishes?” croaked the frog. “No!” cried the fishes, much frightened “Don’t you know fishes can’t live without water? “ Teased the cruel frog. “You’d better find some water quickly or you’ll die.” The little fishes swam to their mother in great distress. “Oh Mother, Mother! The frog says if we don’t find some water quickly, we’ll die! Mother what’s water? ” “I don’t know,” confessed the mother fish, who was an agnostic. “I never heard anything about water. Let’s go and ask the otter.” “Water my dears?” Laughed the otter. “Why you live in water! That is what you breathe!' We live in God. That’s what we breathe. And this is so whether we know it or not. …Most of us have so closed down our spiritual awareness that very little of it flows through us and our flesh stagnates and hardens for lack of life. ….the remedy for all this is more life and light. And it is precisely that inflowing of more light and life that we receive through our health prayers and our acts of forgiveness.” Healing Light Agnes Sanford.

Join us for prayer.

Love always,

Dear God of love,
We are in awe and we give thanks, God for the miracle of creation! You holy one are the circle, whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere, you are not an all powerful God for you are the one who co-creates with us in freedom and creativity. We come to make confession and ask for forgiveness for the harm we cause knowingly and unknowingly. We come to ask for your help and to pray for our Mother Earth and all her creatures, human, non-human, plants and minerals. May we co-create this new Prayer and Healing Worship service with you. at Church for Our Common Home. We come to worship and praise you and to love one another and even our enemies as Jesus taught us. May your light radiate within us and may we swim in grace with you who are all around us. You who are dancing and flowing like water into every crevice of darkness within us and in the universe. May we purify ourselves in your holy water, and wake up and receive your blessings in your light. We are in awe of your galaxies all around us and the smallest cells within us. Open us to our oneness with you and all that is alive. May our prayers move with you in love that we may become one spirit, like flocks of birds and schools of fish in our dedication to prayer and healing. We give you thanks and are in awe Amen

Come drink tea and explore the divine teachings of dreams that share wisdom, not just for the individual dreamer but for all of humanity. Our last question of the dream is always, What is your guidance and wisdom for all of us? Please join us for worship every Sunday night at 5 pm at our home church, Church for Our Common Home, and for many counseling services provided by Our Common Home Counseling Center. Please check our web sites , c hurchforourcommonhome.com
Lectio Divina and
Centering Prayer a sacred study of scriptures and a Christian meditation practice is taught weekly on Wednesday mornings 10-11 am
No experience needed.

We will continue to study the Gnostic as well as the regular bible texts in 2018. There are many newly discovered ancient Christian scriptures that have only been found in the last few decades making Christian scholarship extremely exciting for they revitalize Christianity. Elaine Pagels explains who the Gnostics were, “Gnosis involves an intuitive process of knowing oneself. And to know oneself, they claimed, is to know human nature and human destiny… yet to know oneself, at the deepest level, is simultaneously to know God; this is the secret of Gnosis.”
Taize first Sunday of every month Feb. 4 Taize is a meditative form of worship including silence, scripture readings and chanting.
Church Mission Encouraging awe and loving intimacy with all of creation and the cosmos, we explore the visual and performing arts, dreams, wisdom teachings of Christ-Sophia in the Bible and newly found gnostic gospels, prayer, social activism, and relationships as we work to care for our common home Mother Earth, in a new kind of local and global community. We are a home church with people around the world via the Internet, exploring a new eco-feminist religious story for our time. 

Movie night Saturday Feb. 17th 7 pm with discussion "An Evening with Rupert Sheldrake"
Popcorn and discussion!

Our Common Home a church and counseling center's new mission statement.
Our Common Home provides religious and psychological services to awaken to the moral and ecologic crisis as an invitation for spiritual growth and creating loving community with all of creation, caring for our common home, Mother Earth. 
Healing and Prayer Service
third Sunday of every month at 5 pm
Jesus was a healer and the Christian tradition of prayer and hands on healing has too often been left out of some churches in recent times. We will begin conversation and explore, not a supernatural God or a God who is omnipotent, but rather the God who is omni present and who wants our healing and wholeness.

Mother/Father God who is within us, we celebrate your many names. Your wisdom come, your will be done, unfolding from the depths within us. Each day you give us all that we need. You remind us of our limits and we let go. You support us in our power and we act with courage. For you are the dwelling place within us, the empowerment around us, and the celebration among us, now and forever. Amen  

by Sister Miriam Therese Winters 
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