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30 July 2019
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Welcome new John 17 Weekend alumni!
From Pete Rios : "I would like to share a little of my experience at John 17. How blessed I felt; how blessed I was; how blessed I still am. God moved my heart in His direction. He took hardness from my heart, and replaced it with love. If you ever wanted to make an honest relationship with God, John 17 is an amazing way. God loves you! "

Come pray with us NEXT WEEK!
Starting on August 6, we will be hosting a monthly unity prayer meeting at the J17 Ministries office! It will take place at 4:00 - 5:00 pm the first Tuesday of each month. When you arrive at the Center of Opportunity ( map), simply stop by the front welcome desk to let them know you are headed to J17 Ministries; they will direct you on how to get to our office.

Your investment...doubled!
The matching grant we received has now been 48% met! That's still $2600 worth of gifts that can be doubled!! We are still praying for new partners, committing to give at least $25/month, although one-time gifts and monthly commitments for other amounts are of course welcome. How will you invest in Jesus' John 17 prayer?
Invest i n Jesus' John 17 prayer
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Harmony Hub
E Pluribus Unum: A Vision of Unity
Rev. Dr. Robert Cornwall
"Despite the diversity, the United States of America is one nation. The same could be said for the church, which Paul described as being one body with many members ( 1 Cor. 12:12-13)... What I have discovered is that as I engage in each of these circles of conversation my own faith is strengthened."

READ MORE about how unity does not mean uniformity, and that it instead embraces our diversity.
Collaboration Corner
A Slice of Heaven, Co-laboring at Tucson’s International Kids Kamp
Dan Johnson
"Kids Kamp is a collaboration in the best sense of the word. There were dozens of denominations and over 25 churches represented on the volunteer team. Volunteers even came as far as Yuma, Alaska, Phoenix, California, and Oklahoma... Commitment to mission always results in unity."

READ MORE about Tucson's International Kids Kamp and the bridge-building that occurs there between Muslims and Christians.
The Donkey-Elephant War
"Rev. Dr. Célestin Musekura was a pastor in Rwanda before the genocide in 1994. Statistics indicated that as many as 90% of the country had been baptized Christian prior to the genocide, including bot h Hutu and Tutsi . He has identified that, in America, we have tribes too, it’s just that they’re called Republican and Democrat instead of Hutu and Tutsi. And our tribes here are at war, too, it’s just that we use words instead of machetes."

READ MORE from the latest blog post in preparation for a new book, The Good News of Jesus in a Donkey Elephant War.
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John 17 Weekends
Victory Reunion
August 17, 1-4 pm
Pantano Christian Church ( map )
John 17 Weekend alumni and families are invited to a time of fellowship and praise. Bring a dessert to share and encourage each other in our walk. Coffee and drinks provided. Our families played an important role in in our being able to attend the Weekend, and we want to show our appreciation!
4Tucson Church of the Week
Week of July 28
The Springs Church
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