Financial Aid Offers Are Not Final

Seniors, you don’t have to accept the first round of financial aid offers. If you feel that you weren’t offered enough financial assistance, file an appeal! Learn the right steps to negotiating your financial aid offer.

Is your financial aid letter confusing? This article breaks down a sample financial aid award letter to help you gain clarity.

Unpredictable Admission Outcomes, and it's not over yet!

The pandemic has changed just about everything in this field. While applications are way up at some universities (and thus more selective), they are way down at others (creating opportunity). In past years, historical trends, market behavior, and student data made predicting enrollment chances easier, but the pandemic has removed many of these indicators. This Fortune article details some of the biggest shifts we’ve seen in college admission this year. 

All that aside, when you aren't offered admission, it’s hard. One of our seniors offers advice on navigating uncomfortable feelings after being denied a seat in a college’s freshman class. Take a minute to read these valuable insights from someone who has been in your shoes.