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We have been enjoying the slower pace of off-season in Telluride but are looking forward to Mountainfilmthe official kick-off to the summer festival season, and to the return of our scientists on June 6th! While we still have a few all-virtual workshops this summer, most meetings will return to our classic Telluride Science-style format, with small interdisciplinary groups convening in person. Our exciting schedule of 40 meetings will find our scientists working on challenges found in a wide array of topics including catalysis and energy storage, disease diagnosis and treatment, understanding environmental changes and potential impacts, and new methodologies that aim to solve optimization problems by harnessing the laws of quantum mechanics. We're excited to see what new developments emerge!



The Telluride Medical Center vacates the Depot at the end of June. If we meet our fundraising goals, we will start renovations in October.

As a result, this historic treasure will be available to rent in July, August, and September for weddings, rehearsal dinners, meetings, nonprofit gatherings and more. We are pleased to offer the Depot as a community venue this summer, but we are also eager to start the transformation of the historic building into the Telluride Science & Innovation Center.

Our target is to raise $3 million by the end of the summer. If you are interested in renting the Depot or have friends or colleagues who might be interested in supporting the project, please email Annie Carlson.


Steve Corcelli.jpeg

Steve Corcelli

Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

University of Notre Dame

Steve Corcelli, a new board member, is a huge fan of Telluride Science. Before the pandemic, he had a 15-year streak of visiting Telluride every summer to attend workshops. He believes in the power of Telluride Science and its cross-disciplinary approach. The small, intimate workshops promote an environment primed for in-depth discussion and collaboration atypical of other scientific conferences. One of Steve's current research projects can be traced to a Telluride Science workshop on “Chemistry and Dynamics in Complex Environments” several years ago. The methodology learned at this workshop is being utilized in his research today, and the results are very positive.

Steve is a theoretical chemist that specializes in modeling and understanding aqueous systems. His work examines how ions and electrolytes behave in water. This new knowledge base will be a key to developing new batteries that are smaller, lighter, and can store more energy. The efficient ability to store clean energy is essential to our future, and it will be an important element in our efforts to create a sustainable global society.

Learn More about Steve

Q & A with Steve

How has Telluride Science impacted your career?

The different collaborations and some of the things that I have learned scientifically have impacted my research. Even more important is the people that I have met have really allowed me to expand my network. It’s not just about meeting people briefly, it’s about forming new relationships that have some depth because we are interacting in a meeting, in town, going out for drinks, and having dinner. 

How is Telluride Science different from other scientific conferences?

Telluride Science meetings tend to be smaller which is a real advantage for promoting discussion amongst all participants. It is a little challenging to get to Telluride but in a way that is a positive aspect because there is a certain degree of isolation and you are in this environment where you can have in-depth conversations and do science in a way that is not usually possible to do. While in Telluride, you are more disconnected from everything else and that helps get your head into the meeting, science and discussions that are so valuable.

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If you are interested in hosting a scientist for five or six nights at an affordable rate in your guest house, condo, or home this summer or next fall/winter, please email Annie Carlson. We are especially in need of lodging July 11-17.


Finding affordable lodging for our scientists is a big challenge. We are so grateful to the following people for offering to host a scientist:

  • Andi Alexander
  • Vadim Backman & Luisa Marcelino
  • Meg & Jay Bodnar
  • Miles & Nicole Cook
  • Sally Puff Courtney & Jim Harley
  • John & Sueanne Kim
  • Dave & Kelly Jemison 
  • Jim & Joanne Steinback


Meet Gabe Waldor, our youngest donor who is wise beyond his years. He donated all of his money from his bar mitzvah gifts to Telluride Science. Thanks again, Gabe!





May 20

Electronics Recycling

May 26

Gondola Reopens for Summer

May 26-30

Mountainfilm Festival


Many restaurants are still closed for off-season and reopen mid to late May. View dining options here.

Starting May 26, direct service from Phoenix Sky-Harbor (PHX) straight into the Telluride (TEX) Airport will be available. Denver Air will operate the flights daily through summer, along with their Denver-TEX route. Book at Denver Air.

We are working on our summer event schedule. Stay tuned for details.



Our annual series of public Town Talks will be held Tuesday evenings in June and July (with a break on July 5). The first talk will be held at the Telluride Conference Center in Mountain Village and will feature Jon Snow of LSU who will present "Ice and Fire: Volcanoes of the Arctic Ocean." A full schedule of talks will be available soon on our website.

We are thrilled that award-winning journalists Judy Muller and George Lewis will return this summer to host our talks.

And, congrats to our beloved Judy on the recent publication of her new book, The Red-Headed Cook of the Desert: Meth, Murder and Motherhood. Though it reads like a Netflix series-worthy work of fiction, this page-turner is true. It's no wonder that the extraordinary life story of Norwood waitress, Cheri Matthews, pulled Judy out of retirement to tell this tale. Pick up a copy locally at Between the Covers Bookstore today!

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