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Edgeworks is more than a fitness resolution. It’s a great way to challenge yourself, make new friends and be part of a healthy and supportive community; making it the perfect place to be in 2020!

Edgeworks is not only for the weekend warriors and hardcore crushers of the rock, we are also a community of climbers and friends. It’s healthy, friendly, supportive and FUN and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy it!
Find the Right Training for Your Personal Goals

It's a new year and there's new opportunities to dedicate yourself to your personal goals. We're here to help with Personal Training and Private Yoga.

Why Personal Training at Edgeworks?
Our personal trainers are focused on your athletic development. When you train with us, you'll improve your fitness, strength, and stamina and you'll get the best, personalized training specific to your goals.

Why Private Yoga at Edgeworks?
Whether you're looking to improve flexibility, increase strength or reduce stress in your life, private yoga instruction is the perfect next step. Each session is entirely personalized to fit your specific needs.

Get started with a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our Personal Trainers or Yoga Instructors today!
1-Day Course | Offered in March, April (Womxn Only) & May

The cascades are full of peaks that require glacier travel in their ascent and this course offers the fundamental skill set to take on the challenges of glaciated climbs - covering the basics of extracting a fallen teammate, or yourself from a crevasse.

If you are looking to learn the crevasse rescue skill set, refresh your skill set or prepare for an upcoming alpine climbing course or guided climb, this course is for you.
Necessary Skills to Identify Avalanche Instability

Winter snow-pack is made of layers that form with each new storm. Using tools like magnifying loops and crystal cards, our guides and students identify layers in the snow pack, down to the crystal type, in order to look for instabilities that could lead to dangerous avalanches.

The recipe for an avalanche consists of three parts: avalanche terrain, unstable snow, and a trigger. The interfaces between layers, and the interaction of the individual snow grains within those layers are a huge part of why avalanches happen.

Knowing when there are instabilities requires specific skills skills you can learn by taking our AIARE Avalanche Training Courses.
Ben Gilkison, Member Since 2018

Say hi to Ben, our Member Spotlight for January!

Ben is a physical therapist in Gig Harbor and is a regular here at the gym. Some of his proudest moments are sending a 5.14b sport, establishing a 5.13+ roof crack in Zion, and swinging leads with Alex Honnold up El Cap before he became famous.

January 7, 2020 | 7pm

The GREAT Down Climb Challenge: Instead of the routes being set with the intention of GOING UP, we’re flipping the set to be more challenging GOING DOWN.

January 21st, 2020 | 7pm

Improve Your Bouldering: Work with Team Edgeworks’ Head Coach and learn how to fine-tune your bouldering skills to make you more comfortable on our bouldering walls.

Coming Soon! February 1 - April 30

Join the FUN  of our 5th annual Member Challenge! 90 days of climbing, fitness and fun. Earn your peaks and receive a  FREE t-shirt - it all begins February 1st!   

Stay tuned for details!
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