South Miami City News & Updates
Jul 23, 2020 | Issue 15
Bright Spot on the Horizon for 62nd Avenue
In a move that residents say will be a real game changer for the stretch of 62nd Avenue just below 64th Street, the City Commission approved a planned renovation of a blighted site at 6420 SW 62nd Ave.

After reviewing several applications related to the property, the City Commission voted July 21 to allow the new tenant, Marco Drugs, to start work on their new retail drug store.

Out with the Old
Formerly Joe’s Market, the 2,300 sq-ft pharmacy location features a totally new parking lot, installation of attractive landscaping and green space, and a small drive-through loop.

In addition, to minimize any impact on the neighborhood bordering the west side of the 15,000 sq-ft property, a six-foot wall will be installed behind the one-story commercial building where specialized drug compounding pharmacy services will now be offered.

In with the New
Following extensive presentations by City Staff and the Marco Drugs applicant team, several residents shared enthusiasm about the new amenity in their neighborhood, stating it has the potential to transform this otherwise unremarkable residential-office zone.

The City Mayor and Commission echoed citizen sentiments before voting in favor of the items, which included three Variance Application, a Unity of Title, and one Special-Use Application.

At the meeting, Marco Drugs co-owners Sonia Martinez and Ivette Suarez stated they believe the drive-through feature is a particularly practical component, as it will minimize face-to-face contact between staff and customers – which is of main importance during the current COVID-19 crisis.

All About Community
“Our duty is to always take care of community and our employees, but especially at this critical time,” said Martinez. “We see our business bringing great value to this area of South Miami, and we are so happy to finally be moving forward.”
Commission votes to add questions to November Ballot
The South Miami City Commission has agreed to put a set of important measures before the public this fall, by adding two questions to the ballot for the Nov. 3 national elections.

  1. A Resolution to place a question on the ballot to amend the City Charter by changing the City’s general election from February to the same time as the national elections in November.
  2. A separate Resolution placing a question on the ballot to amend the City Charter to reduce the number of Commission votes necessary to make land-use and development regulations less restrictive, throughout the City, from 5 to 4 votes.