A Focus on Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health

May 2021
This newsletter focuses on sharing information on infant/early childhood mental health and
the importance of relationship-based approaches and supports that help infants and young children feel safe, supported, and valued by the adults around them. The newsletter, and the Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) program, is made possible by a partnership between the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) and the Pennsylvania Key.
Each year National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day seeks to raise awareness about the importance of children’s mental health and show that positive mental health is essential to a child’s healthy development.
This month’s newsletter is focused on everyday actions that early childhood professionals can embed into their daily routines to support a young child’s positive mental health.
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The Pennsylvania Key Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) Program is offering a new service: IECMHC Virtual Office Hours. IECMHC Virtual Office Hours is currently being piloted in ELRCs 11-19, with plans underway to make the service more widely available to ELRCs in the future. IECMH Consultants are available by appointment to provide IECMH Virtual Office Hours consultation via telephone or video conference. IECMHC Virtual Office Hours is a short-term, collaborative, problem-solving conversation to help you find next steps for: Child Social-Emotional Concerns, Child Behavioral or Developmental Concerns, Emotional Well-being of Teachers and Caregivers, and Partnering with Families. Get more info on IECMHC Program and how to access IECMHC Virtual Office Hours.
Check out this new article from ZERO TO THREE titled: Guardians in the Nursery: The Role of Early Childhood Educators in Fostering Infant and Young Children’s Positive Mental Health which focuses on the fundamental role that early childhood educators (ECEs) play in the lives of infants and very young children and their families—underscoring the power of early interactions and relationships between infant–toddler and preschool educators and the children in their programs.
What is Social and Emotional Learning? This video features Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., from the Devereux Center of Resilient Children, on the definition of social and emotional learning, shared in honor of International SEL Day 2021.
Trusting relationships and intentional teaching improve young children’s social and emotional health. Read this NAEYC article, Promoting Young Children’s Social and Emotional Health, to learn more.
The Pennsylvania Key’s Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) Program is partnering with ZERO TO THREE to bring several no-cost webinar series to Pennsylvania early childhood education, Early Intervention, and Home Visiting professionals to support their learning and growth.
The Pennsylvania Key has streamlined the process for Keystone STARS programs to request Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC). Child care providers can request services by using the Request for Service Form (PDF). Completed forms can be submitted via email PAIECMH@pakeys.org or faxed to 717-213-3749.
Programs and families can contact the program leadership directly at PAIECMH@pakeys.org with questions or concerns.
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