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Meet the team!  From left to right:  Claire Ferris, Michelle Ingleton, Cory Holden, Tammy Lindsay, James Foster, Carol Stevenson, Lana Foster, Fiona Walters
With our guardianship students all enjoying their Summer Holidays whilst we are busy preparing for their arrival back; we would like to take this opportunity to update yourself and your company on the exciting news and progress here at Bright World.
We have made some dramatic steps this year, to not only improve our service for the students, but to advance them for you, our partner!

Firstly you can now download our brand new Guardianship and Placement brochures. The Guardianship Brochure is translated into Russian, English, Chinese and Spanish - see the links and more on this story to the right hand side of this block.

Then we have the re-launch of our Parent Portal, that we are calling BLINK.  This is our own 'Bright World Facebook' and will really change the way we communicate to you, our partners' and to your clients, the parents'.

 We would also like to tell you about our important work with the organisation, Childsafe.
Read more about Child safe and Bright World's involvement with them, in the purple column on the bottom right hand side of this letter.

 We lastly invite you to meet the our new staff 'in other news'. 

So here's to a successful 2012/13 academic year to us all.

The Bright World team

Blink header 

Blink goes live! 

This month sees the launch of BLINK. The new Parent Portal.  
As well as taking on a more visually appealing format, the site has become more accessible, so that both you, the Agent and your clients, the parents, can see more clearly and access more efficiently, the contact and communication recorded by the assigned 'Bright World Buddy'.  
As you familiarise yourself with BLINK, you will notice Icons such as 'phone call,' 'email' 'and report.' Each will signal the type of update given by the student's Bright Buddy. 
As well as these icons, we have added three new, helpful features; 'news,' 'photos' and 'important documents'. These additional features will provide you with valuable information, relevant both before and after your student's arrival in the U.K. 
Blink will see the start of a heightened interaction between Bright World students' and their Overseas Agents' and Parents. Using one clear timeline, the new site will open a window, allowing you to see in to the day to day life of the student. 
 BLINK goes live later this month... 
Staff deveopment ay to welcome new
Bright World staff!
On Friday 3rd August Head Office staff left the office for the day to enjoy a day of staff development at the Hickstead Hotel, West Sussex. Managing Director, Lana Foster arranged the date to enable the Bright World team to come together and learn more about what it takes to raise the bar, whist improving the team ethic within the company.

This was also a great opportunity to welcome and get to know new Guardianship Care Manager, Carol Stevenson (Pictured above).

Carol becomes the third Guardianship Care Manager to join us, along with Michelle Ingleton and Claire Ferris who joined last month. Lana, saw this as the perfect opportunity for the new and more experienced staff to come together, just before the start of a very busy Autumn term.
Larry Shulman MBA, ran the day, with the purpose of helping the Bright World Staff to understand more about team work and the bond that is required to succeed.

"Larry has had an extensive career in Human resources. It was fantastic to hear and take on his perspectives, so that we can continue to raise and set the high standard of Guardianship and Placement services in the UK."  
Lana Foster, Managing Director

Development days like this are crucial, in preserving and strengthening inter company relations and help us to create and realise our company vision.

In other News...
New Guardianship Care Managers, left, Clare Ferris, right, Michelle Ingleton
New Guardianship Care Managers, Claire Ferris (left) and, Michelle Ingleton, (right)

We are extremely excited to welcome on board, new Guardianship Care Managers, Claire Ferris, Michelle Ingleton and the newest member of the GCM team, Carol Stevenson (photographed below).

Claire and Michelle joined us in June, whilst Carol is the baby of the group, coming in at the end of July.
The three budding GCMs have been learning the ropes, as well as each taking on a group of students, for whom they will now become Care Manager.
Each Care manager will act as a port of call for their allocated students, arranging all transportation, reviewing Local Coordinator reports and booking Host Families.

With the busy Autumn term looming the new GCMs have been working alongside our more experienced Care Managers in order to learn the crucial processes which must take place in order for planned and unplanned events to run smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Bright World Guardianship Service for International Students trustworthy and reliable UK Guardianship accredited by AEGIS.

Any UK student under the age of 18 who is coming to study in the UK must have a UK based guardian. Choose Bright World for a professional UK guardianship service.





Lana Foster
Bright World

Welcome from the Bright World team!
NEWS: We launch BLINK. The new and improved Parent Portal
EVENTS: Head office staff enjoy a day of fun and team development
IN OTHER NEWS: Head Office welcome three new Guardianship Care Managers


 We have now completed the new Guardianship brochure, which can now  

be found on our website and

by clicking the links below;


Guardianship Brochure in English 

Guardianship Brochure in Spanish

Guardianship Brochure in Chinese

Guardianship Brochure in Russian 



The new brochure includes updated information, such as the addition of new guardianship areas Lincoln, Leicester, Lancashire and Scotland, as well as a break down of refundable and non-refundable fees.   

The breakdown of fees will mean that communicating the Bright World guardianship programme to parents should become a smoother and much easier process.

We are also very proud to introduce our new
placement  brochuretaking you through our eclectic range of UK boarding schools

Boarding Schools Brochure in English

Our fantastic placement service is used by many of our International Partners, 
who, in doing so benefit from our excellent free, first hand advice.
Director of Admissions, Sheena Trist, has spend the last decade developing invaluable

with our partner schools to help ensure we find the most suitable place for each of our students

 Enquire online about our
 and Placement     programmes.

We offer  free, expert advice on over
250 UK Boarding schools
and if you choose, will deal directly with the school on your behalf. Contact our Director of Admissions, Sheena Trist;

If you would like to apply for guardianship only, please click the link below to have your students application processed within 24 hours.

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Bright World's
ongoing commitment to safeguarding
children who are under our care.

Lana Foster and Fiona Walters are working closely with Chris Gould of
Childsafe, a charity
devoted to the welfare of international students studying abroad away from their parents.

We are working extremely hard in order to further improve our training in
child protection. You will soon be able whole new section on the Bright World website devoted to our child protection policy and our planned training programme.

These documents will also be available within
Blink. The new Parent Portal.


"Bright World is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment."