November 19, 2019
BrightArrow Notification Test for Parents Thursday, November 21 at 6:00 PM
District 67 will test the BrightArrow Notification System on Thursday, November 21 at 6:00 PM. We use this system as the primary means of notification in the case of an emergency or unplanned event that causes an early dismissal, school cancellation, or late start. An alert will be sent using the primary contact information you provided when you registered your student for school (during online registration).
Please Note: You will need to register your account, even if you have created one in the past. Your primary contact information (provided during online registration) has been entered into your account. However, we recommend that you view your account to verify your information, and add any additional contact information, before the test date using the instructions below. ( For a complete set of instructions, click here.)
If you have students at both D115 and D67 you will need to update each District account separately.

  • Enter the primary email address you provided when you registered your student for school and click "Register New User." Enter your password twice on the next screen, and click "Register."

  • The top blue portion of the form contains the information you supplied during registration. To change this information, you must contact your school office. Use the lower green portion of the form to add additional contact information.

  • When finished updating your account, select “Receive All Messages” at the bottom of the page. Click APPLY to save you changes, and TEST to test your changes.

  • Once these steps have been completed you are ready to go. You can log in and update your information at any time using your email address and password.