September 2020
Dear Friends,

As a result of the challenges of COVID-19, we adapted our five week seminar to an online format. After we launched the pilot of the online seminar at the end of May, I decided to take a three-month sabbatical. My goals were to attend to my health, and to pray and discern what is next. After much prayer, I’ve decided that it is time to step back from running the daily operation of the Marriage in Christ project.

Making a change now is possible because Fran and Lucy have been doing a great job. I am confident that they will continue to bring new ideas and great leadership to the MIC project. That leaves me free to do what has been on my heart for a long time. That is to read, study and write about marriage, Scripture, and the Holy Spirit. I anticipate writing for our newsletter and updating our seasonal meditations. There are several other writing projects that have been waiting patiently for me to attend to them.
Being involved in the MIC seminar project with so many of you has been one of the highlights of our 46 years of marriage. Perhaps the most important lesson Adella and I have learned along the way is that marriage in Christ is a journey. There is not a moment when we could say we have arrived. Marriage is living one life with each other and with the Lord. That is a long way of saying you never really retire from marriage in Christ!
It is also true that this journey is best shared with others. Thank you for your prayers, support and companionship on the journey. We will continue to build the kingdom of God with you, only with a slightly different “job description!”
Bill Wacker
Director Emeritus

Welcome Frances Willard!
We are excited to announce the hiring of Fran Willard, executive director of Marriage in Christ!

As a wife of 34 years and mother of six, Fran is poised to lead the Marriage in Christ team. Born and raised in Minnesota, she met her husband, Marty, in an organic chemistry lab at the University of Minnesota. It was chemistry at first sight, literally, they both graduated as Chemical Engineers and have been cooking up life ever since.  

Fran has 16 years experience in the titanium thin film coating industry leading her company in the ISO 9001 accreditation. She simultaneously worked part time, home schooled, operated a private party catering service and volunteered as a women’s leader, girls group leader, youth leader and soccer coach. Her many hobbies include: music (piano, harp and voice), camping, quilting, scrapbooking, cooking and creating fun family events.

She has held leadership positions in the Parent Service Association of Trinity School at River Ridge, being a Class Parent, Chair of Spring Formal, and PSA Chair. She has also been a liturgist and music director in a parish. 

Fran notes, "Marriage in Christ is a pathway for Marty and I to deepen our love for God, sanctify each other, and lighten the load of the cares of this world. It helps us to see God’s Kingdom here and now."

Welcome to Marriage in Christ, Fran!

Back to the Basics
School years always begin with a sense of newness and promise: new books, new subjects, new teachers, new faces, sometimes a new building. At the same time, there is a comforting sameness about the messages that heads of school, principals, teachers and coaches repeat year after year. The list usually includes encouragements along the lines of; learning is its own reward, strive for excellence, embrace discipline, care for your classmates.
The beginning of this school year is unlike any other. The novel corona virus is not under control yet, there are few treatments and an effective vaccine is still on the horizon. This year’s new words include distance learning, hybrid learning, social distancing and face coverings. So many challenges, so many opportunities for growth in self-discipline, hope, faith and charity.
Learning is one of the greatest of human pleasures. It is also a lifelong enterprise. Being well educated and able to think clearly are essential in a world that is facing tremendous challenges. The basics remain the same. Learning requires hard work, discipline, the help of teachers and fellow students, and grace.
The basics of a happy marriage are the same each year as well. Marriage can be hard work at times. We require the discipline of good habits like praying together, talking with each other in ways that allow us to continue to get to know our spouse, and acting in ways that make love a habit. We need the help of other people, especially other married couples and families. But most importantly, we need the power of the Holy Spirit in our marriages.
There is a great grace available for married couples. However, for that grace to have its full effect, we need to respond. It is God’s work first and foremost, but it is also requires our yes. The grace associated with Christian marriage is rich and varied. It is the very practical power of God present in our marriage that allows us to live one life with our spouse. It fills us with the courage to face the inevitable hardships of life, endurance to sustain a lifelong commitment, wisdom to raise a family, generosity to be friends of the poor and above all joy. It allows us to model for the world God’s love for his people, Christ’s love for the Church, our ultimate end to be one with God and the life of the Trinity.

We are looking ahead to this next season with great courage and hope! Know that we are praying daily for you and your marriage. Come, Holy Spirit!
Conversation starters for you
  • What are some ways we can be intentional in strengthening our marriage right now?

  • How can we put some fun back into our relationship this coming month?

  • What is one specific prayer request we can offer for our marriage, or our family this week?

  • Where have we seen the Holy Spirit at work in our marriage in the last few months?
The MIC Seminar - At Home!
We've adapted the five week MIC seminar for an at-home format! Married couples will be able to the seminar from the comfort of their home, at their own pace. Look for a news blast with more information soon!
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There are a variety of ways you can support our mission. We welcome your prayers, your sponsorship of couples to participate in the seminar, and your donations to our organization. Learn more at the button below.
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Come Holy Spirit, inspire our hearts, inspire couples to desire your presence in their life, marriage & family. Draw them to you and may we be a vehicle to reveal You to them.