OPICA provides comprehensive, personalized services for adults challenged with memory loss, and for their families. We thank you for sharing this news with others.
Bring In The Clowns...

Clowning around is proving to be of real benefit to the quality of life for dementia patients.  The American Geriatrics Society published findings of a pilot research study  that shows clowning around does improve the quality of life for people with dementia , to learn more click  HERE
June 22, 2017 is OPICA's Forget-Me-Not Luncheon

OPICA is proud and honored to recognize Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns with the 2017 Founders' Award on June 22nd. Please join us, click HERE for details.
Paula Wolfert Fights Fading Memory with Food

The New York Times shares an interview with the renowned cookbook author who brings inspiration and awareness to the dementia conversation, click HERE to know more.

While most of us know that Alzheimer's disease means an inevitable decline, those newly diagnosed are usually overcome with fear of the unknown future that lays in front of them. We support understanding, empowerment, and optimism about memory loss,
HERE for details.
"The 5th Dementia Band"  West Los Angeles

Dementia patients are joining bands to fight the progress of the disease, and it's working! Carol and Irwin Rosenstein co-founded MusicMendsMinds as a way to empower the community of Parkinson's related dementia with music therapy, click HERE to see how.

Mindfulness-Based Art Workshop June 11th

This workshop, conducted in a studio environment, is designed to foster reflective practices, respite, and enjoyment for participants. 
The topic for June's workshop is:  Creating New Connections Through Mindful Art Making  click HERE  to learn more.

Why I Chose Dementia Care

began as a volunteer, at OPICA, encouraged by my classmate because I wanted to help older adults. My motivation was my dear grandmother who passed away at 106 years old.

My Favorite Things About Working at OPICA

I love  when I see members smiling, it makes me know they are happy! 

Touching Song Elevates ALZ Awareness 

At 15 years old, Harry Gardner wrote and performed Not Alone, in tribute to his grandmother, who's Alzheimer's disease caused her to forgot his name. Watch the video that helped generate $100,000 in support for #endALZ HERE.
Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Learn how to Care for yourself while Caring for a loved one. You will learn techniques to:
  • Reduce personal stress
  • Communicate your needs effectively
  • Manage emotions while coping with difficult situations
  • Use best approaches for comforting and gaining compliance
Presenter  Carol Hahn, MSN, RN delivers this series on SIX consecutive meetings at several locations in the community. 

Six Wednesdays:
June 14 - July 19, 2017

5:00 - 6:30 PM

Beach Cities Health District
514 N Prospect Avenue, Suite 102
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

To learn more about this workshop click HERE.

CAREgiver Burnout leads to overwhelm, undernourishment, and emotionally exhaustion. Regular practice of self-care replenishes the spirit and helps prevent burnout, learn how to embrace short practices that really help, click HERE.
Notecards Featuring Original Art by OPICA Members

With a minimum donation of $25, you can order a set of four beautiful cards, each one includes a photograph and brief biography of the artist on the back. Every time you send a card, you help bring awareness to the individuals coping with cognitive impairments. Click HERE for more details.
Geri's List 

This directory was developed to support patients and CAREgivers of the UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program. Users identify and review local services for older adults, including those affected by dementia.  To login, you will need our access code - OPICA. Give it a try and let us know what you think HERE