July 2, 2020

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From Our Sponsors

We are not able to safely return to our regular event right now, but we do have a bright spot for you! 

Monday when you check in, you will be automatically entered into the RAFFLE! 

That's right, our sponsors have decided to BUY gift cards to help support our Meet Me businesses and restaurants! 

This week you could win $25 at Street Taco!

OR a $25 gift card at El Charro!

We will email the lucky winners, post them on Facebook, and put their names right here next week!

Last week's raffle winners: 
Judy W. won East End
and Gene M. won The Running Shop!  
(They have been contacted, and are already celebrating!)

For now, both Meet Me events will stay virtual. 

Please keep checking in, and sharing your safe distancing photos!

If you have questions about COVID-19, see the TMC COVID-19 page:
You can also see daily updates at the Pima County Health Page:

The  TMC  Now app gives you 24/7 access to physicians that are licensed to practice in Arizona through the convenience of phone, video, or mobile app visits.  It's an affordable option for quality medical care. Have a virtual visit with a licensed doctor anytime, anywhere on your phone or computer.
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After thoughtful and heartbreaking conversations and uncovering every possible approach, our next steps are clear. This pandemic has reached a breaking point and for us the only actionable response is to pause our operations.

The hotel's sister operation, Maynards Market & Kitchen on East Toole Avenue, will remain open through the summer, said Hotel Congress general manager Todd Hanley, but the hotel and its Cup Café at 311 E. Congress St. will remain closed through July and August.

Find updates, event photos, news about the community, and so much more! 
Please keep in mind, this is not the time to ask for a discount, 
this is the time to tip a little extra. Or a LOT extra! 

Please wish them well and say THANK YOU!


Dr. Craig and Cassa remind you, do balance work! At the ocean, if you can!

Linda, Roberta and Janice at Fool Hollow Lake.

Kevin bragging about his rain in MN. Today, we have a chance!


You can check in online and Get Out anywhere on  Monday
but we miss you and want to see you! Send us your best GET OUT photo!

When we get back to Meet Me at Maynards, we are all going to do this pose. Just FYI, be ready.

Bob and Patty find a lovely downtown backdrop!

Eric says San Xavier was empty. No other people, that's a bit odd!

When the TMA is closed, we make our own artwork!

We wish everyone a Happy Fourth, and we dare you to get more festive than this! Nice job!

David and his PBR Celebrate 100! Welcome to the Century Club!

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