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Bring Your Data to Life with Charts & Graphs
The popularity of infographics, which often contain charts or graphs, has made using these illustrations one of the main forms of sharing information online.

So why do so many applications still rely solely on reports when a chart will convey the information so much better?
At DireXions 2019 , we will show you how to use charts and graphs to improve your business reports to the next level of excellence 
Visual representations help us to understand data quickly.

When you display information in charts and graphs it is easier to understand and interpret the data. In turn, this makes the business reporting process easier and more meaningful. 

PxPlus has had charts available for a number of years. Now, PxPlus 2019 is extending the standard charting capabilities with a new Charting Object. This object not only provides functionality previously not available but is faster and with less overhead than previous charts. Also, due to its internal design it can be easily extended to provide new chart types and features well into the future.

Best of all, with PxPlus 2019, we also introduced Smart Charts which simplifies the creation and updating of charts immensely. Using Smart Charts, you can create simply queries against files or tables and then chose how to chart the information. Once complete, simply place the new chart into any Nomads screen without having to write any code.

Highlights of what you will learn:
  • How to use the Charting Object
  • How to output charts to printers, PDF files and HTML pages
  • Step by step guide on using the new Smart Charts

graphs pop
Make your reports POP with PxPlus Charting Controls!
Businesses have many uses for charts and graphs. Join us at DireXions 2019 where we will give you some ideas on how to improve your reporting with visual representations that will be easily understood and remembered.
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