Early Summer 2015
Creative Partnerships   

Since Argentum does not provide creative services like ad design, logo creation or web site development, we gladly help our clients identify and hire the creative and digital talent they need. As a result, we have been fortunate to work with lots of great creative agencies, not only on behalf of our clients but also sometimes as clients of Argentum's strategy services.


In this issue we share some of the things we've learned about collaborating with agency partners over the years. Coincidentally, one of our newest clients is an agency, Walker Sands, and they have developed a business model that successfully integrates PR best practices with the digital world. 

Case Study


There are many marketing agencies that could be right for your company's needs, but the process of selecting one can be confusing and overwhelming. So we developed a simple selection process to help clients choose the right creative agency for their needs and culture.


We used this selection process to help XIOLINK find a new agency that developed breakthrough print advertising for them.


Read the case study. ? 

From Our Blog

Our agency hiring process culminates in individual 60-minute meetings between our clients and our top three agency choices.


The agency meetings provide a lot of useful information beyond the specific agenda. But sometimes the insights my clients and I gain from the process are the result of some easily avoidable mistakes.


Five Easy Tips

Most start-ups we've worked with don't have the time or financial resources to hire a full-service agency. They generally hire a freelancer based on personal recommendations without any additional vetting.


Here are five questions to help you do some simple vetting. 


Content Marketing Blog

One of the few blogs we read regularly is from one of our agency partners, Orbit Media Studios. It's a great source for learning about the nuts and bolts (and links and keywords) of doing content marketing well.


We appreciate your continued referrals and are always excited to meet new businesses that might need our supplemental marketing strategy services. To learn more about Argentum, visit our website


Please feel free to pass our information along!

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