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Bring a friend to listen to a guest speaker discuss options for Long Term Care benefits. 
If you have ever been turned down for Long Term Care coverage then this meeting is a MUST and will provide other new options in the marketplace for Long Term Care coverage.

“What is your plan for long-term care?”
  • We’ve found that most people haven’t considered what to do if their health fails, their medical insurance runs out for each incidence, and more care is needed. 
  • Asking questions in this meeting and listening to the answers will help you craft your plan.
  • Let us help you find a hole in your planning and filling it. Long-term care is a big hole that needs addressing. Working with experts will help you craft your options. 

The biggest worry during retirement years is running out of money. Another big concern is “Who will take care of me?” and “Do I want my family giving up their lives and family to care for my daily care needs?”

Income means keeping your same lifestyle and being able to support it.  How can you do that if you are cashing in assets (when the market is low) to pay for your care? The assets will run out quickly. Income pays for care not assets!

There is a better way. Let me help you discover what other options are available to secure your future. The longer you wait to plan, the older you get (due to age), the more expensive insurance gets.

Give me a call today to reserve your spot. I have a small conference room reserved for about 12 people. First come, first reserved. If we can generate interest in this topic then we can set up another meeting. Let me know quickly!

We scheduled this meeting for Wednesday, May 15th at 5:30 PM

Location: Staybridge Suites, Liverpool
(Behind the Holiday Inn – near Thruway Exit 37 Electronics Pkwy)
Address:  439 Electronics Pkwy, Liverpool, NY 13088
Refreshments:  Coffee, Tea, Water, Snack
Have a Healthy Day!

Theresa Cangemi CSA, CLTC
"The Medicare Lady"
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