Invite Your Friends
Let's find more runners! Encourage every runner and exercise enthusiast you know to join TeamQuest. Just take 10 minutes to scan your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts, you'll be surprised by the number of people who fit the profile for potential TeamQuest participants.
They are:  
  • Runners
  • Exercise enthusiasts
  • Connected to dyslexia
  • Are charitable
  • Have a competitive nature

From the Eyes of a Marathon Runner
Is this your first half or full marathon? Check out these videos and feel the energy and excitement of a race!


March Madness Fundraiser
With March Madness 2017 right around the corner, it's time to get our brackets ready!
Start a March Madness 2017 pool with your friends, family, and coworkers, then split the pot 50/50 with the winner and your Team Quest campaign! It's a popular March activity and a fun, collaborative way to fund raise.
Hand-out or post the Flyer and our March Madness 2017 Bracket to let everyone know that you are organizing a March Madness pool. Be sure to add your contact information and brief instructions on how you will be collecting the entrance money.
Good Luck with your brackets and your marathon training!

Download your March Madness kit here
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