Shabbat Shalom!
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Shabbat Zachor Parshat Terumah
February 19-20, 2021 1 Adar 5781 
Candle Lighting 5:24pm  

Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday evening at 5:25pm
Rabbi Topp’s Shabbat Morning Parsha Shiur at 8am
Sponsored by Anne & Mark Goldin in memory of Mark's father, Arthur Goldin,
Aharon ben Yitzhak Hirsch z"l.

Shabbat Shacharit 8:30am
Davening will begin at Nishmat

Spark 2.0 Parent-Child Minyan - 10:30am

All Shabbat minyanim are taking place outdoors in Jacob's Garden

For all minyanim, pre-registration is required for entry. For those who have registered, we look forward to seeing you and davening together as a tzibbur. Please remember to wear a face covering and bring your own Siddur/Chumash/Tallit (as applicable). 
Click here to view our Tefilah protocols. 
Shabbat afternoon Mincha - 5:15 pm 
Havdallah Motzei Shabbat at 6:24pm
Parshat Zachor. The Torah Reading this Shabbat includes the reading of Parshat Zachor. For those able to join us at Beth Jacob, the reading will take place at approximately 9:20.
If you are not able to attend a minyan due to Covid-19 considerations, two options are available.
  1. If you have access to a Sefer Torah you should read Zachor from the Torah, but without Brakhot.
  2. If you don’t have access to a Sefer Torah, you should read Zachor from a Chumash. In this case, during the coming summer, when Parashat Ki -Teitzei is read (Shabbat August 21st), you should have in mind that you are fulfilling the mitzvah of Zachor with that Torah reading.
Divrei Torah from Beth Jacob Clergy
Click below for Rabbi Topp’s Drasha:
Rabbi Topp on Terumah, Zachor and Jewish Responsibility
We’re proud to present Torah Weekly, with Divrei Torah from our Shul Rabbis (rotating weekly), which you can print and enjoy over Shabbat or, of course, read in advance. Particularly since we painfully still can’t be all together at Shul, we hope you’ll appreciate this project as an additional source of Torah and connection.
To Susie & Jacob Chodakiewitz on the birth of their granddaughter, Shira Eva born to Olivia & Yosefi Chodakiewitz. Mazel Tov to big brother Ethan Gad.

To Rochelle, Benjamin & Irvin Shapell on the loss of their beloved mother, our dear member and leader, Fela Shapell z”l.
To Pam, Caren, Brian & Michelle Rubin on the loss of their beloved husband and father, our dear member and leader, Mark Rubin z”l.

►To Racheli Luftglass for presenting a well-attended 3 part series In the Footsteps of Tanach discussing Rising from the Ashes: An Exploration of Jewish Renewal in the 2nd Temple Era.
►To Tammy Machmali for conducting our YP Couples Paint the Night this past Sunday evening. The feedback was great and everyone appreciated their works of art. 
►To our Beth Jacob security for volunteering for Shabbat Security this week.

►The Ki Mitzion Lecture scheduled for tonight, February 18th with Rabbi Baruch Taub is postponed due to a Brit in Rabbi Taub's family.
Taanit Esther & Purim Schedule
Consistent with our halachic guidelines, our multiple Megillah readings will be accessible this year in-person and via Zoom. If you are able to hear the Megillah in person with a minyan at Shul, we encourage you to make every effort to do so. Masks and social distancing are required, with multiple indoor and outdoor options. If due to Covid-19 concerns you are not able to attend a Minyan, and you are not able to hear/read the Megillah on your own from a kosher Megillah, then we invite you to join our Megillah reading via Zoom and, considering the extenuating circumstances,
this is considered a fulfillment of the mitzvah. 
Each Megilla reading below will be live-streamed - stay tuned for access details.
Thursday, February 25 - Taanit Esther - Purim
Fast Begins 5:12 am
Shacharit 6:30 am - Shapell Sanctuary
Shacharit 7:30 am - Jacob's Garden

Mincha: 5:20 pm - Jacob's Garden
Maariv: 6:15 pm - Jacob's Garden & Shapell Sanctuary
Megillah 6:30 pm - Jacob's Garden & Shapell Sanctuary
Megillah 7:45 pm - Jacob's Garden

Friday, February 26 - Purim
Shacharit with Megillah 6:30 am - Shapell Sanctuary
Shacharit with Megillah 7:30 am - Jacob's Garden
Megillah 9:00 am - Jacob's Garden
BJC-Hillel Megillah 9:00 am - Hillel Courtyard

Mincha/Maariv 5:30 pm - Jacob's Garden
Learn & Grow With Us
Transformative Thursdays with Rabbi Robbie
Thursday, February 18 at 7:30pm
Topic: The Purim Masquerade
Click here to join Zoom

Community Lecture with Bret Stephens
New York Time Op-ed Columnist, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist
Sunday, February 21 at 6:30pm
Dedicated by the Shapell Family in memory Fela & David Shapell z"l & commemorating David's 6th yahrzeit.
Click here to join Zoom

Virtual Diaspora Tours
Tuesday, February 23 at 10am
 Join Beth Jacob together with Living Room Tours for a virtual tour of Kiev, Ukraine. Click here to join the tour and use Beth Jacob access code: CBJ5781WB
See flyer below for more information

YP A Little Party Never Killed Anybody: A Purim Affair
Thursday, February 25 at 8:30pm via Zoom
Flappers & Gents, dress to kill in your 1920s glamour
Hear Megillah followed by a virtual murder mystery
Megillah Reading at 8:15pm - Click here to register
Click here to RSVP for the virtual Purim Party

Family Purim CAR-nival
Friday, February 26 from 11:00am-12:30pm
Stop by the homes of your Rabbis & Shul leadership for some CAR-nival fun

Zoom Support Group for New & Expecting Moms
Sunday, March 4 from 8-8:40pm
RSVP to Candice Orkin at
See flyer below for more information

Sisterhood's Ladies Pamper Party
Aromatherapy Evening with Tali from doTerra Essential Oils
Sunday, March 7 at 7:30pm in Jacob's Garden
Learn the benefits of essential oils and make a DIY
roller bottle, body scrub & facial serum.

SAVE THE DATE - Beth Jacob Virtual Gala
Sunday, March 21 at 7pm
Honoring Michelle & Jess Dolgin, Linda & Steven Tabak and Alisa & Nathan Brooks
Click here to register
Sylvia & David Kellerman Beit Medrash Program
Please join us for one or more of these great Zoom learning opportunities:
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 4568940056, Password: 456B)

11:00 am Parshat Hashavua: A Fresh Look with Rabbi Topp
7:00 pm BMW - Beit Midrash for Women with Rabbi A. Liberman 

11:00 am Tanach Talks with Chazan Arik
8:00 pm Contemporary Topics with Rabbi Topp

12:00 pm Parshat Hashavua with Rabbi Elias 

Inspiration Through Halacha with Rabbi Posy will not be taking place this week.
Daily Daf Yomi Class
Rabbi Greenhouse is giving a daily daf yomi at 6:45am. You can click here to join (if possible, turn your cameras on)or dial +1 669 900 6833 and enter meeting id 873-177-0556.

Rabbi Langer's Gemara Shiur for Men on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm will be held via The dial-in number is (425) 436-6374 and access code is 258274#.
►If you are celebrating a Simcha and would like a Mazal Tov in the Seat Announcements, please email Ariella at frontdesk@bethjacob.orgPlease note that the deadline for the Seat Announcements is Wednesday morning before noon. If you have a Simcha on the calendar and are changing the date, please contact Robyn at
►For those attending our in-person tefillot, please ensure that face masks are worn at all times and they should cover your mouth AND nose. This has been and will continue to be, strictly enforced. If your mask slips below your nose, please pick it back up.

We’re pleased to launch a new initiative called “Zoom Pals” pairing up our youth with seniors in the community to speak once a week via Zoom or Facetime. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the young and not-as-young to share experiences and create a new friendship, leading to a mutually enriching experience. Thank you to Ruchie Fried, Sisterhood President, for spearheading this meaningful program. We invite you to sign up today. Click here to be a Youth/Teen Volunteer caller and here to be an Adult Recipient caller.
COVID fund: A fund has been established to provide financial support to Shul members impacted by the pandemic. To request assistance, please contact Rabbi Topp directly; all communications will be kept confidential.
Connections: Click here to participate in our program. We will provide you with names of Beth Jacob members whom you would commit to be in touch with once a week. Reach out, be yourself and make new connections! 

My Jewish Listings: Every Crisis is an Opportunity. Help others and help Jewish Businesses directly through a wonderful online platform called My Jewish Listings, the first ever Jewish Yelp. If you're looking for a Jewish Business, Jewish Travel Program or Kosher Restaurant or want to list your Business, reach out to them at or Doni Schwartz directly at BJ Members will receive 10% off!
CSP Virtual Tour Event: Virtual Walking Tour of Vilna Yerushalyaim de Lita with Daniel Gurevich, live from Lithuania Monday February 22 at 10am. Click here to register.
The Jewish Women's Repertory Theater: JWRC an only all women's performance platform presents a virtual benefit concert March 6 at 7:30pm and March 8 at 5pm & 7:30pm with performances from Beth Jacob members, Estie Hess Samson, Michelle Stone, Emily Yaffe & Kelila Siciliano. Click here to RSVP.
Revised Keilim Mikveh hours and guidelines - see flyer below.
The Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS) annual L.A fundraising campaign is taking place without an event due to restrictions. Please help the 48 local L.A. cancer patients by supporting RCCS. For more info, or to make a lifesaving donation today go to
Jewish Family Service LA: A bereavement group is forming that will meet bi-monthly on Wednesday afternoons at 3:30pm over ZOOM. The target population is one who is grieving the loss of a spouse of over 6 months and anyone interested should contact Laura Levin, MSW at or 310 247 0864.

Sima bat Leeba
Raphael Yitzchok ben Chana Gitel
Leah bat Masha
Megan Schiller
Shprintza Leah Bat Chasia
Rose bat Esphir
Devora bat Rivka
Yitzchak Getzel ben Chana
Boruch Avraham ben Chatchie
Noah HaLevi ben Eti Razel
Rivka Mishket bat Serel
Ebrahim Ben Dina Rachel
Yosef ben Monza Liba
Madelyn bat Chava
Moshe ben Rivka
Chaya Yaffa bat Miriam
Chaim Menachem ben Hindel Raizel
Michael D’ror ben Avraham 
Habibolah ben Mohtaram
Devorah Pesa bat Chava 
Chaya bat Feigeh 
Nissel Sepora bat Shinda Leah
Yehuda Meir ben Malka
Leah Rivka bat Ada
Satya Gal ben Galit
Ella Dalia bat Yona
Chaya Moriah bas Shoshana Miriam
Shimon Moshe ben Baruch Yaakov
Irene bat David
Tzvi Elimelech ben Baruch Yaakov
Devorah bat Elka
Yishai Meir ben Naftali
Kalman ben Kayla
Elon ben Chana
Talya Esther bat Bina
Yocheved Fruma bat Rochel
Chana bat Tzippora
Noach ben Sarah
Esther Batya bat Leah
Esther Malka bat Doris
Chaya Hodes bat Rachel Leah 
Gisele Wine for her brother-in-law Mordechai Aboud z"l.
Leonard Korobkin for his father Yechezkel Korobkin z"l.
Scott Sobel for his father Roger Sobel z"l.
Judith Margolis for his uncle Irving Sporn z"l.
Rita Gold for his mother Devora Stein z"l.
Aron Vance for his father Paul Vance z"l.
Lawrence & Allen Samson for their grandfather Saul Brodie z"l.
Michele Weiss for her father Joseph Leichtman z"l.
Jerome Glaser for his son David Glaser z"l.
Dina Goldstein for her brother Aaron Levitansky z"l.
Avi Fox for his father Morton Fox z"l.
Stephanie Baruch for her mother Ann Baruch z"l.
William Azerrad for his father Aquiba Azerrad z"l.
Nelly Kahn for her mother Helene Grumbach z"l.
Marc & Jeffrey Rohatiner for their uncle Seymour Drobner z"l.
Marilyn Darrison for her husband Judah Darrison z"l.
Harold Sacks for his father Isaac Sacks z"l.
Ruchama Van Allen for her father Ralph Baum z"l.
Roxanne Jasper for her uncle Mannie Schechter z"l.
Roxanne Jasper for her grandmother Rose Schechter z"l.
Mousa Hatanian for his aunt Gohar bat Ishak Eshtiaghouri z"l.
Lori Mars for her father David Mars z"l.
Robert Rosenfeld for his father Moritz Rosenfeld z"l.
Alan Jacobs for his father-in-law Irwin Polk z"l.
Juliet Dardick for her father Ken Schimdt z"l.
Morris Silver for his father Walter Silver z"l.
Cynthia Trop for her father Melvin Sires z"l.
Harriet Schlacht for her father Meir Argaman z"l.
Mark Goldin for his father Arthur Goldin z"l.
Michael Berlin for his mother Helen Berlin z"l.
Jess Dolgin for his sister Marcia Slomianski z"l.
Sponsorships Available
Even during these challenging times, Beth Jacob Congregation continues to offer a wide array of learning opportunities and classes. Please consider supporting Beth Jacob Congregation while also marking a life-cycle event (births, birthdays, anniversaries, yahrzeits, etc.) 

Rabbi Topp's Shabbat Drasha Message $250
Rabbi Topp's Shabbat Morning Chumash Shiur $250
Daf Yomi Class $100
Parshat Hashavua: A Fresh Look with Rabbi Topp $100
Parshat Hashavua with Rabbi Elias $100
Inspiration Through Halacha with Rabbi Posy $100
YP Parshat Hashavua with Rabbi Robbie $100
SPARK 2.0 with Rabbi Broner $250
SHARE THE LOVE - Sponsor care package to seniors $250

All sponsorships will be mentioned during the classes themselves.
Beth Jacob Weekday & Shabbat Minyanim
Our first Shacharit minyan (6:45/7am) Monday-Friday will be held in Shapell Sanctuary and the second Shacharit minyan (7:40am), daily mincha and Shabbat Minyanim will take place outdoors in Jacob's Garden. Pre-registration required to attend. Please click below to register:

Weekday Davening Times (Weekday Tefillot will also be broadcast on Zoom)
Shacharit Sunday-Friday
8:00am Sunday
6:45am, 7:40am Monday
7am, 7:40am Tuesday & Wednesday
6:30, 7:30am Thursday & Friday
Mincha/Maariv for the week of February 21 at 5:25pm
Click below to volunteer as a Youth/Teen caller
or to be a Recipient caller for our Zoom Pals Program
Young Professionals
Beth Jacob Congregation | 9030 W. Olympic Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211