January 2022

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Our 2021 year-end fundraising campaign has officially come to an end.

Donors like you have made it possible to sustain our mission of providing our youth with accessible soccer.

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Soccer in the news
RSL got new ownership! Read more about it with the article linked below.

We look forward to continuing working together.
COVID-19 precautions from UUHP
With the rise in Coronavirus cases, we would like to remind you to follow safety precautions to stay healthy.

Our partners from the University of Utah Health Plans feature on a Kicking it with UDA video series to provide tips and tricks on how to stay safe during Coronavirus.
Player highlight
Ashley Alvarez, 07g
Ashley likes playing soccer because it distracts her from trouble and family problems. Her favorite part about playing with UDA is when she and her team won a tournament. 🏆Outside of soccer Ashleys, hobbies include school and hanging out with friends.📚👭

Fun fact: If Ashley could pick a show to live in she would live in the show Grey's Anatomy because it's about doctors and the medical field and it's my dream to work in the medical field.🏥🩺
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