From the Desk of Tom Kennedy, Executive Director
I would like to welcome Otis Munroe to the RPC as our newest employee. He will be working on transportation and emergency management projects and other projects where we can put his talents and skills to good use.

On May 21, 2018, the RPC held its first public hearing on its Regional Energy Plan, there was a spirited discussion on the plan especially on wind energy. The second public hearing is scheduled for June 25th at 12:00PM at Martin Memorial Hall in Ascutney. The RPC will vote to adopt the proposed plan following the public hearing.

The RPC staff is working closely with the Town of Windsor on the repair of the Kennedy Pond dam. The repair of the dam will begin on June 1st and should be completed by mid-October 2018.Funding for the dam repair came from two sources; a grant that was prepared by RPC staff for $1.25 million dollars and $1.0 million dollars from the town. The grant funds were through the Vermont Community Development Block Grant Disaster Relief Program. I would like to thank the folks at the Vermont Community Development Program for their patience and assistance in getting this project funded.

We are coming to the end of our fiscal year and I want to thank the staff and commissioners for all their hard work in making FY18 a very successful year. In this fiscal year, we co-sponsored a statewide bike and pedestrian conference; administered the Clean Water Block Grant Program for the State of Vermont; and the RPC wrote and received over $400,000.00 in funding for our member towns for solid waste, water quality, brownfields,transportation and emergency management programs.  
Emergency Management
Retire Your LEOP Template in 2019
Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) has announced the publication of new Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP) standards.
In 2019, Vermont towns will no longer be required to utilize the single specific format in developing Local Emergency Operation Plans (LEOP). Instead, towns will adopt a Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP), which incorporates a standard set of minimum elements. Templates that include these elements are available on the VEM website .  These new plans will need to be adopted by May 2019.  (The LEOP templates can still be used in 2018.)
In 2019, municipalities will also need to report adoption of LEMPs through their Regional Planning Commission (RPC) with a LEMP adoption form.  Implementation guidance, references, templates, models, and examples are available on VEM's website .  Contact Allison or Otis for assistance in developing and exercising their LEMPs.
Weather Safety During Outdoor Public Events
Every year, there are hundreds of outdoor events in Vermont where participants are potentially vulnerable to hazardous weather. Unfortunately, the National Weather Service (NWS) is not aware of many of these events or does not have any point of contacts to warn of impending hazards.  Their goal is to work closely with emergency managers and public safety officials, to provide critical weather information when hazardous weather approaches an event, for overall public safety.
The main weather hazards that can impact an outdoor venue with very little advance notice are thunderstorms and lightning. Other potential weather hazards include strong winds, potential flooding and extreme heat.
To help you prepare and to increase situational awareness, the NWS would like to be informed of any large outdoor events. To submit a request for weather support for a public event, via email to nwsbtv.info@noaa.gov or complete a fillable Google form here at least one week in advance of the outdoor public event.  The NWS Burlington office can be reached at 1-800-863-4279.
Revised Draft Enhanced Energy Plan for the Region
A public hearing was held on May 21, 2018 to get input on our draft Regional Enhanced Energy Plan.  The intent of this plan is to to meet the requirements of an "Enhanced Energy Plan" in 24 V.S.A. §4352 and to to receive "substantial deference" in future Section 248 proceedings.  It includes draft policies for siting renewable energy projects in the region.
Staff have revised the draft plan based upon comments received at or before this hearing..  On June 25, 2018 , the SWCRPC Board of Commissioners (BOC) will hold a second public hearing and consider adoption after the hearing is closed.  The revised draft Regional Enhanced Energy Plan is available for review here.
New Parcel Data Available
Several towns in our region decided to participate in the first year of the Statewide Property Parcel Mapping Program.  The results for Andover and Weathersfield are now available. This project creates statewide standardized parcel data that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including being able to bring grand list data into a computer mapping system, which enables better data analysis.  The first results of this work, funded by VTrans and coordinated by the Vermont Center for Geographic Information, is now available online .  This program has two more years of funding and is expected to reach all towns in the state before it is completed.  For more information about the program contact Katharine .
Land Use
Reading Village Center Designation Approved
Congratulations to the Town of Reading for having their application for Felchville to become a state-designated Village Center approved by the Vermont Downtown Board in April.  Designation into this program makes property owners eligible for tax credits for certain buildings and projects. It also provides priority grant consideration for a variety of funding opportunities.  For more information about the benefits of Village Center designation visit this website .  To read more about Vermont's designation programs click here .  If you would like assistance with an application, contact Jason .
Transportation News
Great Walk Bike Summit in WRJ
What a terrific day!  On May 4th, 218 people gathered in White River Junction for the 2018 Vermont Walk Bike Summit.  The day started with an inspiring plenary session featuring Congressman Peter Welch and keynote speaker Russ Roca from  A Path Less Pedaled.  The day continued with sessions on a variety of topics, demonstrations, and networking with colleagues.  Congratulations to award recipients Jason Van Driesche (Walk/Bike Professional), Alice Charkes (Walk/Bike Volunteer Advocate), and the Velomont Trail/VT Huts Association (Notable Project).  Presentation slides and photos are available on the   event website .   
We would like to thank TRORC (our co-organizing partner), VTrans and members of the event planning committee.  We are also very grateful to the staff at the Barrette Center for the Arts and Hotel Coolidge, as well as to all of the event sponsors.  We look forward to attending the 2020 Vermont Walk Bike Summit somewhere else in the state!
Bicycle and Pedestrian Applications Due on 6/22
Vermont's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program funds a wide variety of projects, such as bicycle lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian crossing improvements, and ADA improvements.  Last year Chester received a $800,000 for sidewalk enhancements and Springfield was awarded $156,000 of additional funds to complete the South Street sidewalk project.  Two small-scale projects were also awarded last year: $4,000 to Cavendish to install rectangular rapid flashing beacons at the school crosswalk and nearly $48,000 for Main Street pedestrian improvements in Springfield.  Applications are due by June 22, 2018. More information can be found on  VTrans' website.  Please contact  Katharine if you are interested in applying and would like help with your application.
Funding Opportunities for Roads and Water Quality
We anticipate that there will be a few funding opportunities in the next few months, for those of you trying to plan ahead for the year.  The details for the next rounds of funding have not been announced yet. However, we have provided approximate grant timelines and links for more information.  If you click on the following links to each grant page, you can review application materials from last year. We do not anticipate significant changes for the subsequent round.
  • Transportation Alternatives funding is for municipal environmental mitigation projects relating to stormwater and highways.  Details will likely be available in early June and applications due in July 2018.
  • Better Roads Grants support municipal inventories and lower-cost construction projects that involve erosion control and improve water quality.  Application materials are expected to be released in early September and will likely be due in early November 2018.
  • Municipal Highway and Stormwater Mitigation Grants can be used for transportation-related environmental mitigation activity that improve water quality.  More details will be released in mid-September and are anticipated to be due in mid-November 2018.
  • Grants in Aid - See below for a separate article about this program.
If you have any questions about any of these grants, please contact Katharine .
Grants in Aid Year 2
Round 2 has just been released for the Municipal Roads Grants-In-Aid Program and towns should have received their announcements on the program and how to participate. Funding for this successful program has been increased for this round by 20%. Towns intending to participate must submit their Letters of Intent by June 22nd. If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Ingersoll.
Census and Data
US Economic Census
Did you know that the US Economic Census is coming this month?  Surveys are going to approximately 3.7 million businesses across the country and summaries of this information will be available through the US Census Bureau.  This Census occurs every five years, while the census of the nation's population occurs every ten years. For more information click here .
Water Quality
Regional Clean Water Advisory Committee
The SWCRPC is presently seeking members for our Clean Water Advisory Committee (CWAC). The purpose of the CWAC is to assist with the implementation of Tactical Basin Plans (TBP) through water quality project identification and prioritization. It is also a good platform for information sharing. CWAC members are appointed by the RPC Board and represent municipalities, watershed groups, conservation districts, and the agricultural and forestry industries. If you are interested in joining the CWAC, please contact Chris Yurek .
Welcome Otis
I n April, we hired a new temporary employee, Otis Munroe. He recently worked for the 
Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, and is looking forward to starting on new projects with the RPC. Otis will be conducting transportation-related fieldwork this summer and helping on various projects around the office.
Grant Opportunites
Please refer to our Grants Website for up to date information about existing grants relevant for our towns and region. 
Springfield Receives Brownfields Assessment Grant
With the help of the RPC's grant preparation and writing, the Town of Springfield will be off and running with a newly awarded EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant for $250,000. With this funding the Town will begin the process of addressing the clean-up needs of historic downtown structures, an important first step in the Town's economic redevelopment plans. 
Backyard Composting Workshops
The SWWCSWMD, or as we like to call it, "the District" is hosting two more backyard composting workshops this spring:
  • Thursday, June 14 at the Reading Town Hall at 6:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, June 21 at the Rockingham Free Public Library at 6:00 p.m.
Plenty of time after the presentation for questions and answers. Attendees may purchase one Soil Saver composter at the discounted price of $35.00 (one per household - additional are $50 each). Please call Mary T. O'Brien at 674-9235 or email her  if you'd like to attend.
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