Hey ya'll, Lindsey here!

June was an incredibly emotional month for me. My oldest graduated high school while my youngest graduated kindergarten. Without warning, emotions would flood over me and I found myself on the verge of many--yes MANY--break downs. I wanted to play the "poor me I have my oldest baby leaving" card... but instead I flipped my script.

I reminded myself that I am beyond grateful to have a daughter, especially one achieved a goal and reached graduation. After all her hard work, Emalynn gets to have the privilege of attending college and becoming an outstanding human. THAT is a gift. I am honored she will travel the earth and make her unique stamp on the world. What an adventure for all of us-- not POOR us!

Will I miss her? Terribly! Will I cry? 100%, maybe everyday! But I won't sit in the "poor me" state of mind. What really helped me with this transition was sitting with the discomfort for a while and even crying when I needed too. I took time looking back at pictures, talking about memories we have shared and how quickly time passes. But allowing myself to feel and cry helped me get to a place of gratitude and joy.

I had a few tools that helped me quiet my mind that I wanted to share with you, as we all go through tough transitions at one time or another.

Getting up early. I found getting up early to journal and reflect, allowed me time to start my day with a quiet and peaceful mind. It wasn't always easy, but i noticed how much better I felt when I took time for me in the morning.

Take 3 purposeful deep breathes. Start by observing your natural breath pattern and then start to slow it down. Try a deep breath in to the count of four, then exhale to the count of four. Next increase to inhale/exhales for the count of 6, then 8. You will notice your body slowing down and the stress of any situation releasing.
STOP --My new favorite acronym.
S- Stop what I'm doing
T- Take a minute to honor the thoughts and emotions 
O- Observe the whats and whys of this emotion
P- Proceed with a loving, kind heart

I take a minute to STOP a lot--sometimes it feels like 100 times a day! People will always piss you off. You will get let down. Someone will pass judgment. This is life. But that doesn't mean these emotions get to win. When we act out of emotion and don't take a moment to pause, we see a negative reaction. Often someone will end up hurting another with words you don't mean. Practice using STOP with me, and observe the difference.

Love and light! LJ