Newest IDA Home Office member, Kelly Fleenor, joined TeamQuest with a very personal connection to our mission. 
My amazing son tackles his dyslexia challenges with such strength and determination!

When my son was in pre-school, I noticed his lack of participation in class activities like reciting the days of the week, which seemed easy and enjoyable for his classmates. He also became extremely active and had difficulty sitting still and paying attention during class time. So I spoke with his teacher and she confidently replied, "He is a young and active boy. He will outgrow his behavior." My son's teacher was a 20 year classroom veteran so I (hesitantly) listened to her advice. The following year, my son entered pre-kindergarten and again, had difficulty with site words, rhyming, reciting, and paying attention. Again I was told he was a young and active boy. On the first day of kindergarten, I mentioned my concerns to my son's teacher and after a few months observing and working with my son, she agreed that something was going on. I was not confident with the public school system's assessment process in our area so I scheduled a private assessment where my son attended 3 hours a day for 4 days. Our assessment process was nothing but amazing, thorough, and detailed - well worth the time and money (not covered by insurance). A week after the assessment, I met with Dr. Wright to review my son's report and learned he was dyslexic and ADHD. Stunned and feeling guilty, I began to cry and wondered where I went wrong as a mother. Again, the amazing Dr. Wright went into further detail about dyslexia and helped design a plan of action.

I spent the next week struggling to find resources and support for my son and was stunned with the lack of information in our city. I finally found a certified Orton-Gillingham private tutor and met with my son's school to discuss IEP's and 504. We are fortunate that our school has the resources to assist my son in the classroom and his teachers were wonderful and encouraging.

Today, my son reads beautifully and reached his peer reading level in two years. My brave son never gives up and is amazing to watch as he tackles each dyslexia challenge with confidence and determination. He realizes how lucky he is to have skilled professionals and economic resources to overcome his struggles and does not understand why other dyslexic children cannot receive the same support for dyslexia hardships.

Now it is my turn to work hard and advocate for those individuals with dyslexia. From now until November 5, 2016, I am dedicated to raise at least $2,200 for TeamQuest Dyslexia and train for the Rock-N-Roll half marathon in Savannah, GA. The money raised enables the International Dyslexia Association to create a better future for every child and adult who struggles with dyslexia and other reading difficulties...because reading changes lives! 
Let's work together to build our team!
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