After all of the holiday fun this past weekend, try to keep the energy going
by taking a walk on the wild side!
This week we have a variety of virtual trips to see many different animals,
animal themed games and crafts that will allow children to have fun while they learn.

This week, why don’t you take a trip? While you’re at it, take several trips! Visit zoos across the country virtually to peek on your favorite animals or see animals you haven’t seen before. Below are links to zoos around the country with special animal live streams ready for you to enjoy.

Watch and listen to the story of Elmer the Elephant, an elephant learning to
accept and love himself the wonderful way he is.

Have fun with easy to learn Animal Themed Games!

Animal Dice (Pre K – 2 nd  )
This animal dice game mixes animal sounds and movements
for a fun and hilarious time!
The dice have an action on one piece and an animal on the other. 
Simply roll the dice and mimic the actions!

Animal Charades (3 rd  and up) Try this challenging game of animal charades
with older children and adults!
Please share with us a photo or story
of how you’re enjoying these activities at home. 
We’d love to see what you’re up to!
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