We’ve made it through to the end of the school year and now we’re on to summer!
Take time to enjoy each day. Relax and have fun every chance you get!
Remember children learn through play!
We hope these ideas help you make moments with your whole family!

DIY Solar Oven. Use the sun to your advantage!
This STEM cooking activity outlined by NASA gives instructions on how to
make s’mores using materials such as a cardboard box and tin foil.
Start the season off with one very tasty summer snack!

Frozen treats are a delicious, sweet relief in the summer heat!
This easy recipe only requires blending together frozen pineapple chunks,
pineapple juice, cool whip and honey for your own pineapple soft serve.  

Hands and Feet Hopscotch Game.
This version of hopscotch involves hands too!
Click the link for instructions and a video to help explain left and right to
preschoolers and toddlers. For older children, design your own combinations of
patterns and columns to create different levels of challenges for all age groups.
Hop to it!

Please share with us a photo or story
of how you’re enjoying these activities at home. 
We’d love to see what you’re up to!
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