It’s hot outside, but this week’s activities are even hotter! Focusing on volcanic island life, watch a volcano erupt and make your own out of cheerios.

Create petroglyphs like you’d find in island caves, or conduct a science experiment to see how sharks in the surrounding waters float.

Watch a real-life volcanic eruption that occurred in December of last year!
Skip through to see how the lava travels through the land.

Make your own volcano that erupts with flavor – not lava!
Use ingredients that most likely are already in your pantry like
Cheerios and corn-syrup to challenge kids with making an explosive treat.

Create your own stone-like dough to etch your stories in.  
After following this simple sand dough recipe, encourage children to
draw petroglyphs (pictures) about something important to them or
tell a story – true or made up!

Did you know that sharks have oil in their livers?
This easy science experiment teaches children about a shark’s anatomy and
how their bodies help them to float!
Please share with us a photo or story
of how you’re enjoying these activities at home. 
We’d love to see what you’re up to!
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