Happy first week of June!
Only a few more weeks of homeschooling to go!
Make sure to get outside and celebrate together in the warm, sunny weather.

So far, we’ve moved from painting on paper to painting on foil.
Why not try paper towels? Follow these easy instructions to layer designs
on paper towel sheets, then watch the magic happen!

Use this calendar created by The Genius of Play that provides new games and activities, as well as twists and ideas on how to play with toys and games that are most likely already around. Activities can focus on different aspects of children’s whole health including physical, emotional, social, and cognitive.

Give it a try and see what kind of play schedule you can create.

Here are different and easy do-it-yourself bubble wands for all ages, as well a simple bubble solution, to enjoy more time in the sun.
The science behind them? - Bubbles are pockets of soap and water that are filled with air. When soap and water are mixed together and air is blown into the mixture,
the soap forms a thin skin or wall and traps the air, creating a beautiful bubble.
Take time designing unique bubble wands and watching the bubbles surround you!
You can make many small bubble machines or large bubble making wands.
Help children to relax and mindfully focus on blowing bubbles by taking slow, deep breaths and using gentle, steady stream of air. 

Please share with us a photo or story
of how you’re enjoying these activities at home. 
We’d love to see what you’re up to!
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