It’s continuing to heat up outside, summer is just around the corner!
This week’s newsletter includes ways to cool down mind, body and stomach!
Try a twist on water balloon fun, prepare easy diy, light snacks, and stretch out with garden themed yoga poses. 

Have a little water fun in the sun in your own back yard!
String some water balloons up high and start swinging for a splashing good time!

These two easy snacks simply dress up fruit that we know and love on their own.
Use ingredients such as sprinkles, candy, small cereal such as Rice Krispies and your favorite nut butter or invent your own combinations and creations!

Whether you’re looking to get your children warmed up for the day ahead or to
wind down for a peaceful night of sleep, try these garden themed yoga poses.
Stretch those muscles and steady those minds!

Please share with us a photo or story
of how you’re enjoying these activities at home. 
We’d love to see what you’re up to!
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