Needing some new fun ideas this week to do with your kids?
Finding ways to celebrate the holidays how we traditionally do can be difficult, but the fun doesn’t need to stop!

Below are some Easter themed STEM activities you and your
children can enjoy together.

Also included this week is an indoor/ outdoor bowling game
and daily Lego challenges.

Hope you are busy making memories and having fun
trying new things together!

Preparing for Easter? Here are some at home Easter/Spring science and STEM activities using peeps. You may (or may not) like eating them, but there are many different fun activities that you and your child can do together involving Peeps! This link include instructions for Peep candy diffusion art, building a catapult to launch Peeps, a Peep dissolving science experiment, making a parachute for Peeps, and learning how to balance Peeps.

Get creative with plastic, water, juice and soda bottles for a bowling game
in the comfort of your own home!

At Home STEM Ideas: Are your children complaining of boredom?
Vary how they play with toys they own or materials you most likely already have on hand. Try these to challenge your child’s mind in new and interesting ways. 

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