We miss seeing you at the Just Kids programs!
Just Kids staff is still here for you!

Finding ways to stay connected while practicing social distancing
is key to getting through this together.

We will be sending you a brief newsletter outlining any
helpful resources to try at home with your family.

The news, social media and talk shows can be overwhelming with constant updates and reports on COVID-19.
Children overhearing or reading varying pieces of information can experience and exhibit signs of anxiety, worry or fear.

Here are two articles that outline several ways to assist children who may be having difficulty processing the changes that have occurred
within the last few weeks.

We have also included a website that has many game ideas to keep children active and entertained for indoor and outdoor play.
Click the Playworks tab to access the Game Library for ideas for any number of children/adults. Look to see how to teach your child to jump double dutch or play a fun version of basketball!
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