"Make of the World One Family!"
~ St. Guido M. Conforti
Here's to the bridge-builders, the hand-holders, the light-bringers, those extraordinary souls wrapped in ordinary lives who quietly weave threads of humanity into an inhumane world. They are the unsung heroes in a world at war with itself. They are the whisperers of hope that peace is possible. Look for them in this present darkness. Light your candle with their flame. And then go. Build bridges. Hold hands. Bring light to a dark and desperate world. Be the hero you are looking for. Peace is possible. It begins with us. — L.R. Knost
Jubilee Year
St. Guido Conforti Feast Day, Nov. 5
Learn about the saint who wants to "make of the world one family"!
Speaking of the vows, Mons. Conforti begins with the vow of poverty: it is a vow to be loved, because it is the first renunciation that Christ demands from those who follow him closely. The vow of poverty allows Christ to reign alone over their hearts, accompanied by the grace of inner freedom. The missionary, for the love of Christ, is truly free from all attachments to the earth. He, or she, is totally for God and for the non-Christians brothers and sisters. Humility and simplicity of life, appreciation for the gifts of our brothers and sisters, respect for sacrifice and daily work make the fraternal spirit grow. Have a good vision!
Final Professions
It is with great joy that we announce to you the Final Vows of our brothers Erasto Fernando Torres Carpio, SX, Cassien Nshimirimana, SX, Lucivaldo De Sousa Costa, SX in the Philippines which was held on the Solemnity of our founder St. Guido Maria Conforti, November 05, 2020, at the St. Francis Xavier Parish, Diocese of Novaliches. The celebration was live-streamed. 
Final Professions were also held for five Xaverian Missionaries in Mexico in October and carried live on Facebook. Click on "Translate" in your browser and learn more.
Global Godliness
What does our belief in ‘one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church’, which we profess in the Nicene Creed, really mean? It expresses a desire for unity across space and time, which is what God wills for humanity, says Timothy Radcliffe OP [in Thinking Faith: The Jesuits in Great Britain] ‘At the heart of the Catholic tradition is a profound longing for a Church that is one and universal.’ Learn more.
Ten missionary institutes launch 10 live meetings for young people, with missions in the world
“To the ends of the Earth” is the title of the new live column dedicated to young people, for a virtual journey to discover the daily work of missionaries in the world...The missionary Institutes that collaborate in the project are: Missionaries of Mary-Xaverians, Comboni Missionaries, Consolata Missionaries, Immaculate-PIME Missionaries, Scalabrinian Missionaries, SMA (Society of African Missions), Franciscan Friars Minor. Learn more.
National Vocations Awareness Week
Nov 1 - 7
National Vocation Awareness Week (NVAW) is an annual week-long celebration of the Catholic Church in the United States dedicated to promote vocations to ordained ministry and consecrated life through prayer and education, and to renew our prayers and support for those who are considering one of these particular vocations. Learn more.
UK Xaverian Missionaries confront nuclear proliferation
Marian Pallister, chair of Pax Christi Scotland, says the 50th ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is an important milestone for the global anti-nukes movement, but they have not yet reached the summit. Learn more.
Xaverian Youth in Mexico
Xaverian Youth is a proposal for young people to live our community and Christian dimension, for this reason our name and apostolate are based on the experience of Christ and we want to make him present in our daily life in the form of a mission as Guido Maria Conforti wished. Click "translate" in your browser and learn more.
The Social Dilemma - What's Behind Social Media?

The world of Social Media reshaped our daily lives. Before their creation, our routine lives sounded very different. They reshaped our outlook on life, our way to thinking about “sharing”, and our management of time. But, what’s behind Social Media? Why are they free? Why are they so popular? Why almost everybody has a social account? Who works behind the scenes? And what is their purpose? “The Social Dilemma” is a new documentary made by Jeff Orlowski on Netflix this year (2020). Listen more.
Young People
Our thanks to Brendan Climer (in the grey t-shirt on the right) who came and completed his Eagle Scout Project here at the Xaverian Missionaries Our Lady of Fatima Shrine. He created the path to the Martyrs Grove and the pavers around the altar. Brendan is a member of Troop 14 at St. Mary’s Parish in Holliston, MA, USA. His project enhanced the altar area of this new prayer space.   Thank You, Scouts!
Called to be Saints
“To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone,” said Pope Francis. This has always been a difficult concept for me to wrap my head around. How can I be like some of the holiest people that have ever lived? Find out the answer.
Blessed Carlo Acutis watched ‘Pokémon.’ That’s my kind of saint.
Acutis died of leukemia in 2006 at the age of 15, but not before he had the chance to make an impact on this world. The Italian teenager was an example of holiness to those around him, and he used his computer skills to create an online database documenting eucharistic miracles. On Oct. 10 of this year, his beatification Mass was held in the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, Italy. Learn more.
Young Voices: How to be anti-racist at work: suggestions for white Catholics
I am a 32-year-old white man. It is my belief that white people must educate other white people about racism, privilege and value-judgements entrenched in the systemic injustices that pervade professional life. Learn more.
The Pope calls for lay women to take on greater leadership roles in the Church
In the “Pope Video” for last month, the missionary month, Pope Francis calls for the promotion of greater integration of the lay faithful, especially women, in areas of responsibility in the Church. Learn more.
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