Welcome to the inaugural issue of Quarter Notes ,
a quarterly newsletter for friends and followers of Bringing Music to Life.
September 2019
The 2019-2020 school year has begun and in 46 schools and music programs across Colorado, students who would not otherwise have the opportunity are learning to play on 684 donated instruments .

Thanks to you and the hundreds of others who donated gently used band and orchestra instruments and gave generously to our critically important repair fund, this is the beginning of a wonderful, musical school year for Colorado kids.

We call ourselves The Instrument Drive People. Collecting unused instruments is only the beginning. Distributing them to deserving schools to be played for years to come is the heart and soul of our work.

Keep reading to learn more about Bringing Music to Life's ninth year and see photos from our instrument presentation event.
684 instruments repaired and ready
to be presented to at our August 10th event

46 music teachers and band directors feeling supported and
set up for success
going back to school with donated instruments and dreams for the new school year
Nueva Escuela de Musica
musica escuela 2019
Students from Nueva Escuela de Musica brought talent and passion to their performance at the instrument presentation event held on the University of Denver campus at The Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts. After introductions by their teacher, Alonso Leyva, a Grammy and BMI award winner, they entertained the audience with Huapango Medley and Polka Medley.
Musica Escula
Banda de Nueva Escuela de Musica
shown here with Alonso Leyva

Nueva Escuela de Musica, a past recipient of Bringing Music to Life instruments, is a nonprofit founded in 2015 by Alonso Leyva to share the opportunity to learn music in a way that is accessible and rich in culture and tradition. 
Nelson Garcia of Channel 9News receiving Appreciation Award from BMTL board co-chair David Necker
Nelson Garcia of Channel 9News receiving Appreciation for Years of Coverage Award
from BMTL board co-chair, David Necker
Nelson speaking about the 2012 Emmy winning article Musical Numbers
Nelson spoke at the instrument presentation event about Emmy-winning reporting featuring Bringing Music to Life
Telling Our Story To Colorado -
Appreciation For Years Of Coverage
August 10, 2019
Presented to Nelson Garcia,
storyteller extraordinaire,
with admiration and gratitude for telling our story so creatively on 9News for so many years. Thousands of people have donated instruments thanks to your inspired reporting, and as a result,
thousands of children in schools throughout Colorado have enjoyed the life-changing experience of making music. On behalf of Bringing Music to Life, our board of directors and donors, we extend our heartfelt thanks.

Volunteers Help Orchestrate Moving Day
Volunteers from Apple Aspen Grove and IMA Financial Group contributed their time, energy and good spirits on August 8th - BMTL's moving day. These wonderful people carried hundreds of instruments from StorQuest storage units, loaded them into Budget rental trucks, unloaded them at The Newman Center and then carefully sorted them on tables for 46 schools, all in preparation for the instrument presentation event.

It can be hot, heavy and dusty work but these volunteers - some returning for the third year in a row - did it with efficiency and contagious enthusiasm.
apple vols 2019
IMA vols 2019
2019 rehersal room
brought hundreds of instruments BACK TO LIFE
In March, the Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technology welcomed new owners, Tom, Diana and Stephen Bluebaugh. CIOMIT, the original repair partner of BMTL, ensures that all instruments are in excellent, playable condition before they are given to schools and put into a child's hand. They do this at a 50% discount to BMTL , which is crucial to our ability to reach as many students in need as possible.

Following the retirement of previous owner Dan Parker, BMTL was delighted to learn that the new CIOMIT owners will continue this meaningful partnership.
We thank both CIOMIT, and our new repair partner in Fort Collins, Boomer Music Company, for all they do to give new life to old instruments. Their instrument restoration work is behind the resounding accomplishments of young musicians all across Colorado.
Teacher Testimonial
Westminster High School
" With 69% of our kids designated as low income, our kids have barriers that we as a community must step in to help. And you did just that! School starts tomorrow and we are that much closer to having the musical instruments needed because of you all. 

Thank you for getting us ready for a great year!"
-- Stephanie, Westminster High School
Bringing Music to Life instruments displayed in the WHS music room
Our mission is to provide every child access to the life changing experience of making music . We can only do it with supporters like you. Thank you to everyone who supported Bringing Music to Life this year with donated instruments, financial contributions to the repair fund, physical labor and so many other contributions.

Thank you!
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