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Day 17: Dambana
Dambana, The Filipino Shrine (2008)

Dambana is Filipino word for "altar." This shrine is a sanctuary that brings together the faith and culture of the Filipino people.

Its roof is shaped like a salakot, a traditional Filipino wide-brimmed hat. Its walls are made of capiz, a flat seashell commonly used on windows in Filipino homes.

The Dambana was designed by Hermes Mallari.
Filipino Shrine
In the center of the shrine are three stands covered with natural bamboo. Three sculptures are enshrined on these stands.

Our Lady of Dambana , surrounded by three angels representing the three major islands of the Philippines - Luzon, Visayas Mindanao.

Santo Niño de Cebú , the oldest relic in the Philippines. Written on the bamboo stand is the Cebuano "Hail Mary" in Baybayin, the ancient Filipino alphabet.

San Lorenzo Ruiz , the first Filipino saint.

The beautiful sculptures were created by artist Ferdie Sacdalan.

The shrine is a testimony to the bayanihan (community collaborative spirit) of the Filipino people in Oregon and SW Washington, who built this shrine in partnership with The Grotto.

The shrine was dedicated in October of 2008 with much celebration.
Dambana Prayer

Lord God, bless this Filipino Shrine at The Grotto, and bless all who come here in search of peace, prayer, and the beauty of nature.
Give us insight as we walk the garden paths and as we pray and reflect at this Dambana. May your loving presence inspire our minds and hearts, so that we may go forth from here renewed and refreshed in mind, body, and soul. 
Loving God, bless this image of Mary, represented as Our Lady of Dambana. May we see Mary as a model of faith that we are called to imitate, and may the Mother of Jesus be a source of comfort to each one of us. 
Loving Creator, you sent your only son to be savior of all. Jesus came into the world as a helpless child; may this image of the Santo Niño remind us that God became fully human to share his love and bring us salvation.
Lord God, we honor your faithful servant San Lorenzo Ruiz and his companion martyrs. As the first canonized Filipino Saint, San Lorenzo inspires us with his unwavering faith and tremendous courage, even to his death. May the example of his life and death lead us to live lives of faithful service.
Gracious God, you call us to love, you call us to help one another. We thank you for this Dambana at The Grotto. May it be a light of faith and a symbol of the universality of your Church. 
Dambana Festival

Each July, the Filipino community gathers to celebrate at The Grotto. In July of 2019, we celebrated at the 10th Annual Dambana Festival.
The Shrine Path

Dambana is located on the mulitcultural shrine path in The Grotto Upper Gardens. Other shrines include: Our Lady of Lavang Vietnamese Shrine; Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas; Our Lady of Czestochowa Polish Shrine; and the Lithuanian Wayside Shrine.

Stay tuned to upcoming editions of "Bringing The Grotto to You" for more about the other shrines on the scenic path.
Ama Namin (The Lord's Prayer)

Ama namin sumasalangit ka sambahin 
ang ngalan mo.
Mapasaamin ang kaharian mo, 
sundin ang loob mo dito sa lupa, para nang sa langit.
Bigyan mo kami ngayon ng aming 
kakanin sa araw-araw.
at patawarin Mo ang aming mga sala 
para nang pagpapatawad namin
sa nagkakasala sa amin at huwag 
Mo kaming ipahintulot sa tukso
at iadya Mo kami sa lahat ng masama.
Monthly Mass in Tagalog

The Grotto celebrates Mass in Tagalog every second Saturday of the month, at 12 noon in the Chapel of Mary. There is also a special New Years Day Mass, celebrated in Tagalog, each year. All are welcome.

Please check our website for updates about future Masses; at this time, dates are subject to change.
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