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"Bringing The Grotto to You" Series

We will continue to share a piece of The Grotto with you each day until Masses resume and our gardens open. We hope this feature brings you joy. Please share our emails with friends and family. Help spread the word that The Grotto is here, and looking forward to the glorious day when we can reopen our gates.
Day 18: Looking Up - A Letter to God
Dear God,

In the morning, O Lord, I will direct my song and my prayer unto You and will look up. (Psalm 5:3)
Blessed Lord and God, Holy Father and Creator of all! This is the day that you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

With gratitude, I thank you for your ultimate gift of love for me, in the form of your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice of his life on my behalf. Because of this overwhelming gift that I often cannot comprehend, I humbly bring myself before you.
 I know Lord, that I am only human and cannot instruct you, but you Lord can instruct me. So, teach me your ways that I may rely on your faithfulness. Teach me to use my time wisely.
I don’t know what this day holds, but I know that you hold the day. It was you that laid the foundations of the Earth and therefore understand every part of it. I know that you keep the sun in the sky, the stars in place, and have created this Earth for me and all humanity to inhabit and enjoy.
Throughout this day, may I be keenly aware of your presence in everything I do….even if in these sad days it is only sheltering in my home. May my life be a living example and may others see Christ in me. There are many that are hurting in this world, and most especially from the results of the coronavirus everywhere – may I be a salve to someone today Lord, in a way that I can’t even imagine.

May my thoughts tend always toward you and the good of my neighbor, my words be seasoned with salt and minister grace to all that hear. And may my actions be aligned with your Word.
I pray for wisdom that is peaceable, gentle, and approachable, with lots of mercy and fairness to be shared with all. You said an unlimited supply of wisdom is available to me if I simply ask, so I pray for wisdom to know how to deal with the many people and situations that will cross my path.
I pray for protection throughout this day; protect from harm and evil; go before me, to the left and right of me and behind me. Order my steps so that I walk worthy of your calling throughout this day. May I be attuned to your promptings – whether it shows up as a gentle tug or a strong conviction. Protect me and all my loved ones near and far from the ravages of disease, especially the coronavirus.
I pray for reconciliation in families, in and among nations. I pray that all may come to know you and be reconciled back to You.
When I am overwhelmed, confused, unsure, and restless, help me run to your Word. May your Word come alive deep inside me so that it is a living guide in every situation. Help me, Lord, to remember the promises of your Word and bring the right passage to my remembrance for the situation before me in any moment.

Dearest Lord, I acknowledge that I need to spend more time with you reading and praying so that I am prepared for whatever the day brings. Lord, I know that your Word is indeed a “light unto my feet and a light unto my path”.
Remove fear and anxiety from my heart and mind, O Blessed One. You have not given we who believe in you a spirit of fear, but rather of love, a power which conquers all fear. So, when I am fearful, may I remember your love for me and use that love as the impetus to love others and see situations differently, positively.
May I tap into the power that you have given me – for although I may feel pressed in on every side, I remain ever confident that I am never alone because you remain by me side.

May I remember that I don’t have to be anxious and when I am tempted to be anxious or worrisome, may I have the clarity to bring my concerns quickly to you, and then leave them there, in your divine hands.
Worry does me no good and just keeps me bowed down, so I pray to turn my worry, my anxious thoughts, and nerve-wracking situations all over to you, Lord and God. You, O Lord, are working all things together for my good simply because you love me! You are working in ways that I cannot comprehend because your you love me, and are working to continually make me a masterpiece fit for your use.
As your unique child, Lord, I know that I am your masterpiece though I feel so far from it. Help me to remember my worth in you when I’m faced with challenging situations, and most especially in these challenging days of massive illness and even death.

When I feel depressed, help me to remember that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made in your image – a replica of you and that you loved me so much you thought that I was worth dying for. You sent you only begotten Son, Jesus the Lord to die for me and give me hope, always hope for, and in, life. I’m eternally grateful and humbled by your overwhelming love and protection.
You are beyond understanding, you are abundant, you are mine, and I am yours. Today, Lord, I give you my thoughts, my words, my deeds, my mind, my heart, my all.

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