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Daily Spiritual Reflection

Provided by Fr. Don, Siple, OSM, Rector of The Grotto
Based on today's Gospel reading

"fearful, yet overjoyed." Matthew 20:8

The normalcy of life for the disciples of Jesus was turned up side down with Jesus’ death. They remembered the days spent listening to Jesus preach. Their memories were full of Jesus’ miracles which they witnessed. Their hearts longed for sharing one more meal with Him. He was their Lord and Master.

Living with Jesus and ministering with Him strengthened their faith and gave them hope. His death was shocking, unfair and almost too difficult to bear. Now, some of their number have seen Him risen and alive. Jesus told them this would happen, but their grief clouded the ability to believe. In seeing the Risen Jesus they were fearful because no one had risen from the dead and they had to find a way to believe. But, they were also overjoyed because Jesus, their life was alive! Life could be a bit more normal once again.

In these challenging days, many of us have had to redefine what a normal life is. Sometimes we feel fearful for our safety and that of our loved ones. As the corona virus spreads we redefine the way we live, work and even worship. But, we cannot stay fearful. We need to find hope. Hope comes in the love we share with family and friends. Hope is found in connecting with friends via video chat. Hope is found in our collective means to keep each other safe.

We can be overjoyed that hope is alive as we make our way safely through this moment to the time we can return to our lives before the virus. Our memories of good days past and the longing for better days will keep us being safe as we hope for a normal life once again.

Hope and faith in Jesus brought the disciples through the experience of His death to the joy of His resurrection. Our hope and faith can move us safely through these challenging days to a return to a new normal life. Our hope in this journey is the Lord, who turned fearful hearts into joyful ones. As the Risen Lord, what Jesus did He continues to do, if we trust Him.
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"Bringing The Grotto to You" Series

We will continue to share a piece of The Grotto with you each day until Masses resume and our gardens open. We hope this feature brings you joy.

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Day 29: The Forest
The Forest in the City

The Grotto is a 62-acre sanctuary located in the middle of the city of Portland, Oregon. The buildings and gardens are set among, and are surrounded by, a thick, evergreen forest.

Much of the forest is made up from varieties of fir trees, but you can spot dozens of other species, including redwoods, as you stroll through the lower level and the Upper Gardens.
Video Message
from Fr. Richard Boyle, OSM
View a special message and prayer from Fr. Richard Boyle, OSM, recorded under the tall trees in The Grotto Upper Gardens.

Strolling in the Summer

The canopy of the giant firs creates a wonderfully cool shade in the hot summer months. With the forest and the gentle breeze from the Columbia River Gorge, The Grotto is often one of the coolest places in town on a hot, summer day.

We invite to to join us this summer for a refreshing walk.
A Blessing

Blessed are you, O God,
Creator of the universe,
who have made all things good
and given the earth for us to cultivate.

Grant that we may always use created things gratefully
and share your gift with those in need,
out of love of Christ of Lord,
who lives and reigns with you for ever and ever.

Don't forget to Look Up

When you visit The Grotto, don't forget to look in every direction. Some of the most spectacular views come from looking up.
Tree of Life  
by Marty Haugen

Tree of Life and awesome mystery,
In your death we are reborn,
Though you die in all of history,
Still you rise with every morn,

See that dies to rise in glory,
May we see ourselves in you,
If we learn to live your story,
We may die to rise anew.
A Show of Color

Among the tall evergreens are a variety of deciduous trees. Spring brings out the bright greens, and visitors during autumn are treated to a spectacular feast for the eyes by our main entrance.
Statues and Shrines among the Trees

We hope you enjoy these next photos of just a few of The Grotto's beautiful statues and shrines, situated among the trees on the lower level, and in the Upper Gardens.
Seen above: The Statue of Mary stands atop the cliff above The Grotto
Seen above: Our Lady of Lavang Shrine in the Upper Gardens.
Seen above: The Christus Statue sits among a grove of fir trees and rhododendrons on the lower level.
Seen above: One of the installations at St. Joseph's Grove in the Upper Gardens.
Seen above: St. Anne's Chapel in the Upper Gardens, with The Servite Monastery in the background.
Seen above: This kneeling angel can be found in the Upper Gardens near the St. Francis of Assisi statue.
Seen above: The Via Matris is nestled among the tall firs. This path will take you there.
Seen above: The Stations of the Cross path one the lower level winds through dense forest.
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Please send them to events@thegrotto.org . We will feature them in an upcoming edition of "Bringing The Grotto to You."
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The Series

We hope you are enjoying our daily feature A Place of Sanctuary: Bringing The Grotto to You.

Week 1
St. Francis of Assisi
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day
St. Anne's Chapel
St. Joseph's Grove
The Marilyn Moyer Meditation Chapel
Spring in the Garden
Our Lady's Grotto

Week 2
St. Jude Thaddeus
Statue of Mary, Our Mother
The Pollinator Garden
St. Philip Benizi's Retreat
Pathways of The Grotto
St. Peregrine Shrine
The Servites

Week 3
Here Light Shines
The Peace Garden
Looking Up
Feast of Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross
The Rose Garden
Palm Sunday, The Christus Garden

Week 4
Crosses and Crucifixes
Sacred Heart Statue
Angels of The Grotto
Holy Thursday of The Lord's Supper
Good Friday, Stations of the Cross
Holy Saturday, Via Matris
Easter Sunday

Today:  The Forest
The Grotto
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