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“He (Jesus) said to him the third time,“Simon, son of John, do you love me? Peter was distressed that he had said to him a third time, “Do you love me?” and he said to him, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.”Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep.” (John 21:17).

Having the opportunity to have a “do over”, a second chance is the wish of anyone who has made a mistake. When mistakes are made, we desire to make it right.

Peter must have deeply felt this desire. On the night of Jesus’ arrest, Peter denied knowing Jesus when questioned by a stranger. Instead of acknowledging Jesus and showing him support during his trial, Peter, scared, denied Jesus. The pain and grief of his action must have weighed heavily on Peter’s mind and soul. Yet, Jesus kept loving Peter and being his friend. The Lord knew Peter’s soul was good. He would give Peter a “do over”. The do over was not so much an opportunity to reverse the denial of Jesus, but the opportunity to let Peter’s true self shine. Peter would tend the early Christian community with the love that he had for Jesus.

As we walk through life we do make mistakes. When given the chance for a do over we seize the moment to make things right. Making our wrongs right is letting our best selves shine. Second chances are moments of grace. In such moments God can be found because God guides us in doing what is right. God delights when we let our best selves shine.

Fr. Don Siple, OSM, Rector of The Grotto
Light a Candle at The Grotto

Purchase a candle to be lighted at The Grotto. Your candle will burn for seven days in the outdoor cradles by The Grotto.

Your support will help The Grotto continue its ministry through this difficult time.

Bringing The Grotto to You

Last week we were happy to report that our gift shop was once again open, following the governor's strict guidelines. Click here to view shopping guidelines and temporary hours.

This week we are delighted to be making another step toward reopening. Following the strict guidelines set out by the Archdiocese of Portland, we will celebrate Mass this Sunday, at 10 a.m. and 12 noon in the Chapel of Mary. Under these guidelines there is a strict attendance limit, and those attending must be registered in advance for contact tracing and crowd control. We can only sign up 21 people per Mass so we are asking that you sign up for only one Mass per four week period.

In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy our daily emails until The Grotto is ready to fully open our gates.
Day 75: The Grotto Plaza
The Grotto Plaza

The Grotto Plaza is an open area surrounded by majestic trees, large rhododendrons, and the spectacular cliff.
All pathways from the parking lot, the Chapel of Mary and the Upper Gardens lead to the Plaza.
Central to our Plaza is the Grotto Cave and the outdoor pews. Visitors and pilgrims are encouraged to stop. They may sit, go up and light a candle, or walk up to pray near Our Lady's Grotto.
From The Grotto Plaza, you can also see the Christus Garden, Our Lady of Lourdes, the historic elevator, and the beautiful statue of Mary which stands high on top of the cliff above The Grotto.
I Am Not Alone

Blessed are you Lord God, Creator of the Universe.

As I pray quietly alone in this plaza I know that I am not alone.

I am surrounded by this cathedral of trees and beautiful artwork reflecting the life and death of your Son Jesus.

I also see images of Blessed Mary, St. Peregrine, St. Bernadette, and other saints.

I am not alone.

I am part of the company of believers, Saints who have gone before me.

I close my eyes and am reminded of the many times I have sat in this plaza when it was filled with my brothers and sisters as they attended Mass.

We are united in Communion with Jesus. Lord help me to be mindful of the needs of others even when I am seemingly along.

Give me courage to be loving and forgiving like the holy men and women who have gone before me.

I pray that in some small way my words and actions can lead others to a closer relationship with you.

I ask this through your Son Jesus, Our Lord.

Outdoor Mass

The most special of all occurances in the plaza is our outdoor Mass, held on Sundays in the warmer months.

Stay tuned for more information about when outdoor Masses will resume.
A seat waiting for you

For now, we have a seat waiting for you, and look forward to the day we can invite everyone back.
The Visitor Center

The Grotto Visitor Center is located in the plaza next to the Chapel of Mary. There you can find information, view a history display, watch a movie about The Grotto, purchase a candle or simply stop for a snack or a break.

To learn more about the Visitor Center, click here to view an earlier edition of "Bringing The Grotto to You."
The Chapel of Mary

The Chapel of Mary is located at the far end of the plaza. Under normal circumstances, Mass is celebrated in the Chapel every day of the year. Click here to learn more about Sunday Mass, which returns this week with limited attendance and strict guidelines set the Archdiocese of Portland.

To learn more about the Chapel of Mary, click here to view an earlier edition of "Bringing The Grotto to You."
The Entrance to the Upper Gardens

The path to the elevator which takes people up to the Upper Gardens can be found in the plaza. Admission to our scenic gardens can be purchased in our Visitor Center or Gift Shop.

You will not want to miss the gardens. They are spectacular all seasons of the year. There you find the Peace Garden, the Meditation Chapel, the Labyrinth, the Via Matris, the multicultural Shrine Path, the Monastery, the Rose Garden, St. Joseph's Grove, the overlook, St. Anne's Chapel and many statues surrounded by the natural beauty of God's creation.

To learn more about any of the features listed above, click here to view all earlier editions of "Bringing The Grotto to You."
Lighting a Candle

Next to Our Lady's Grotto are cradles for lighted candles. Candles are available in the Visitor Center or Gift Shop.

To learn more about lighting a candle at The Grotto, click here to view an earlier edition of "Bringing The Grotto to You."
A Prayer for Lighting a Candle

As I light a candle for you today I lift up all my prayer-filled intentions for you.

I pray for your health, I pray for your family. I pray for all your needs. 

I also pray for the concerns and hopes that you may not have ever spoken aloud.

I ask God to grace you with his protection, guidance, forgiveness and peace.

As I end my prayer, I know that the candle - along with my prayers - are held in the heart of God long after the seven days that this candle burns.

May you feel God’s light, God’s love and God’s Peace.
Servite Ministries

The Grotto Plaza will occasionally host a talk or class from the Servite Friars. Stay tuned for more information about the return of spiritual education opportunities offered at The Grotto.

Below: Fr. Richard Boyle, OSM, speaks at one of his "Tuesday Topics" talks.
Looking Up

When you find yourself in The Grotto Plaza, don't forget to look up. You will be amazed at all you see, such as:

The Marilyn Moyer Meditation Chapel
The Tall Firs
The Top of the Elevator
The Chapel Tower
The Statue of Mary
And don't forget to look around

Be sure to take a moment to sit and take in the sights and sounds of nature. Look at how different it looks from every direction. Each time you visit you will see something new. Such as:

Our Lady of Lourdes
The Christus Statue
The Architecture
The Fantastic Forest
Special Events

The Grotto Plaza hosts special events throughout the year.

Below: The Portland Wind Symphony performs at the Concert in the Plaza.
Historic Views

The Grotto turns 96 years old this year. We hope you enjoy some of these early photos of The Grotto Plaza.

To learn more about how The Grotto began, click here to view an earlier edition of "Bringing The Grotto to You."
We hope to see you soon

We hope you have enjoyed this visit to The Grotto Plaza.

The plaza is located on the lower level of The Grotto, which is free to all throughout the year.

Stay tuned for updates on our reopening. We will see you soon ...
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The Series

We hope you are enjoying our daily feature A Place of Sanctuary: Bringing The Grotto to You.

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The Grotto Gift Shop
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Today: The Grotto Plaza
The Grotto
The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother

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