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Daily Spiritual Reflection

Prayer to Overcome Racism

Mary, friend and mother to all,

through your Son, God has found a way to unite himself to every human being, called to be one people, sisters and brothers to each other.

We ask for your help in calling on your Son, seeking forgiveness for the times when we have failed to love and respect one another.

We ask for your help in obtaining from your Son the grace we need to overcome the evil of racism and to build a just society.

We ask for your help in following your Son, so that prejudice and animosity will no longer infect our minds or hearts but will be replaced with a love that respects the dignity of each person.

Mother of the Church, the Spirit of your Son Jesus warms our hearts: pray for us.


Copyright © 2018, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington, DC.

Fr. Don Siple, OSM, Rector of The Grotto
Volunteers Needed for Reopening

We expect to reopen our gates and our gardens this Friday, June 12.

As we prepare to reopen, we must follow strict guidelines set out by the state and county.

We are in need of volunteer help to guide visitors and help keep areas clean. Shifts vary and we can work around your schedule.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering at The Grotto, please contact Vinci Paterson, our Director of Community Engagement. She can be reached at volunteer@thegrotto.org , or by phone at 503-261-2433. Or just click the button below.

Thank you for your continued support of The Grotto.
Bringing The Grotto to You

Until we are fully open, we will continue our daily email feature, "Bringing The Grotto to You."

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Day 87: Plans for Reopening
What to Expect

We are very excited to be reopening this Friday, June 12. However, we must follow strict guidelines so we may keep our staff and guests safe.

Temporary Hours of Operation Beginning Friday
9 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. daily
Admission to the Upper Gardens is sold until 7:30 p.m.
Visitor Center closes daily at 5 p.m.

Please read on to learn about what to expect while we are in Phase 1 of reopening.
Please follow these basic guidelines when visiting The Grotto:

Wear a mask.

Sanitize hands.

Keep social distance of at least six feet.

Stay out of closed areas.

Follow instructions of our staff and volunteer guides.

Please do not enter the property if you are feeling sick.
Visiting The Grotto Gift Shop

The Grotto Gift Shop is currently open. Our employees are all wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

We have installed clear partitions at the registers.

We are cleaning and sanitizing beyond what is required in the governors guidelines for reopening retail shops.
We have placed distance markers to assist shoppers and staff. We require that all customers maintain a minimum of six feet of distance between other shoppers.

Shoppers must sanitize hands before entering and we request shoppers wear masks.
Maintaining Social Distance

All our visitors will be asked to maintain a minimum of six feet of social distance, with the exception of people from the same household.

We will have reminders posted throughout the grounds

Some of our more narrow paths are now marked as one-way paths. Please obey the signs.

On our wider, two-way paths, please stay to the right as you pass other guests.

Please continue to maintain social distance.
Limited Numbers in Some Areas

Some areas of The Grotto, especially those which are indoors, have a temporary maximum occupancy based on social distancing requirements. This includes the Chapel of Mary, the Meditation Chapel, The Grotto Gift Shop, The Visitor Center, and the area directly in front of The Grotto.

Volunteers and staff will attend these areas to maintain safe occupancy. Please follow the guidance of these greeters.

We thank you for your understanding.
Visiting The Upper Gardens

Our scenic Upper Gardens will reopen on Friday.

Admission to the Upper Gardens can be purchased in The Grotto Gift Shop. We will not be using tokens or the turnstile at this time. Instead, you receipt will be your ticket; a greeter will be at the gate to usher you through. The gate will be open so you do not need to touch anything.

We ask that only groups from the same household ride in the elevator at the same time. If there is a wait for the elevator, we ask that you maintain social distance while waiting. Markers on the handrails going up the ramp will help assist you.

We have closed the stairs up to the elevator, and ask that everyone use the ramp so we have fewer handrails to keep clean.

Please continue to wear your mask in the elevator. We thank you for your understanding.
Large Seating Areas Limited for Social Distancing

The pews in The Grotto Plaza, as well as those in the Chapel of Mary, have only every third row open for seating, to ensure physical distancing. These areas will be sanitized regularly.
Visiting The Meditation Chapel

The Meditation Chapel will be open with limited capacity. A guide will be there to let you know if it is a good time to enter.

For the time being, we have removed the large chairs. There are still benches you may sit on in the Meditation Chapel, which will be cleaned regularly.

We will bring the large, comfortable chairs back as soon as it is safe to do so.
Cleaning Common Areas

All common areas will be sanitized throughout the day. Our cleaning schedule exceeds the requirements set by the county and state. This includes all bathrooms, common areas, and frequently touched surfaces.

If you would like more detailed information, please email events@thegrotto.org and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Under the guidelines set by the Archdiocese of Portland, The Grotto continues to celebrate Mass on Sundays at 10 a.m. and noon in the Chapel of Mary. The guidelines include an attendance limit, and those attending must be registered in advance for contact tracing and crowd control. We can only sign up 21 people per Mass, so we ask that you please sign up for only one Mass per four week period.

Daily Mass is scheduled to resume on Monday, June 22, at noon in the Chapel of Mary.
Bless All Who Visit

Gracious God,

Life these past three months of uncertainty and isolation has been difficult.

Staying connected to this holy place, and to the people in my life - although in different and unexpected ways - has brought me closer to you.

Help me continue to grow in faith, hope and love.

I rejoice that the Grotto can again open its gardens and chapels.

Continue to bless all who visit and support this sanctuary so that your peace and mercy abound.

Light a Candle at The Grotto

Purchase a candle to be lighted at The Grotto while we are closed. Your candle will burn for seven days in the outdoor cradles by The Grotto.

Your support will help The Grotto continue its ministry through this difficult time.

Mass Enrollment Cards
Perpetual Enrollment in The Grotto’s Guild of Masses and Prayer honors yourself, your family or your loved ones, and provides support for The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother.

Red Cross Blood Drive

On Wednesday, July 8, we will roll up our sleeves and help save lives. Please join us for our quarterly blood drive. Since beginning these drives in 2019, we have collected 107 units of blood.

Each pint of blood we collect can save up to three lives and will touch the lives of so many more. What a great way to pay it forward and make an impact on people in our community.
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