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May you, too, experience the peace our visitors and pilgrims encounter in the spiritual and natural beauty of our holy sanctuary. 
Day 9: Statue of Mary, Our Mother
Statue of Mary, Our Mother (1933)

This bronze statue entitled "Mary, Our Mother" stands atop a granite monument some 150 feet above The Grotto.

The statue is one of the earliest installments at The Grotto. This early photo shows Mary standing above The Grotto, long before the trees on the upper gardens grew around her.
A gift from Catholic Daughters of America

The statue was a gift from the Catholic Daughters of America. The photo below was taken April 29, 1933, at the dedication.
Commemorating the 700th Anniversary of the Servite Order

The statue was made by Italian artist Giuseppe Cassioli. Blessed by Pope Pius VL, the statue commemorated the 700th Anniversary of the founding of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary. The Grotto is a ministry of the Servite Friars.
Around its base are the Seven Sorrows of Mary (the Via Matris) and the seven founders of the Servite Order. To learn more about the Servites, click here .
The eight-and-a-half foot, 2,600 pound statue of Mary stands as a regal sentinel over The Grotto, and symbolically over all her children.
Prayer to our Blessed Mother
at the Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother

O Mary, Blessed One of the Most High
And Mother of Grace,
Through you the Church lifts up her prayer of praise.
Beloved daughter of the Father,
by your acceptance of the word of the Angel Gabriel
you co-operated in the salvation of the world,
for in you the creature once again obeys its Creator.
Mother of Jesus,
by pondering the word in your heart
you showed us the way to Wisdom,
and opened to all people this same word of glad tidings.

Spouse, beloved of the Spirit, by accepting the Word of God
you gave life to the world through the gift of your Divine Son,
 and in you humanity has become the dwelling-place of the Divine.
Loving Mother,
woman of prayer, we turn to you and ask:
support our prayers for ourselves, for all your Servants,
for our friends and our families, for those who share the Christian faith,
and for every person on Earth , that all might know peace and salvation.
Ask the Heavenly Father that we may truly know Christ,
be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
remain protected in all adversity and freed from every evil.
Help us to build God’s Kingdom:
an everlasting Kingdom of praise, justice, and peace.
We ask this through Christ, Our Lord.
The overlook where she stands

The statue stands directly above The Grotto, facing out toward the north. When you visit the statue, you are treated to a spectacular view to the north.
You can also look down toward The Grotto Plaza. Below is a photo taken at the annual Freedom Day celebration in July.
The statue creates marvelous silhouettes against the sky, seen from the great lawn in The Grotto Upper Gardens.
Most Holy Mother

Most Holy Mother,in faith you believed “that nothing is impossible with God:”
As I am grateful for the blessings God gives me,
I am concerned for the seemingly impossible situations
in my life. Pray for me to have faith as you did in believing 
that “because God is for me nothing can be against”.
In Christ’s name I pray.
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