Zing! Down they come, glorious colors cast in breathtaking blue skies. Barns laden. Harvest in. Firewood stacked. Shelves, of the industrious, a kaleidoscope of fruits and vegetables. A good array of local wines and brews stocked. Our softest woolen throw, silly board games, winter recipes, good reading - at the ready. These elements foster what the Danes call "hygge" (pronounced hooga) - a sort of coziness that will bring us peace and happiness through the dark and cold days ahead. We wish you and yours abundant hygge in whatever form suits you during Thanksgiving season and beyond.
Great color in the Reserve is still to be had! Explore the lovely byways and check out our new partners at  Friends of Rustic Roads. 
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  Manna Food ~ 

Who's Your Farmer

Amanda Cather and her family - husband Mark, son Jonah, daughter Sadie, and hard working shepherds Heidi and Arlo - farm at historic Montevideo in Seneca, using sustainable practices with love & care.  When asked what will be on their Thanksgiving table, they shared a few recipes below. 

Amanda's newsletters are lovely, written with wit and grace. Recently she shared: This morning I wish our whole country could sit down to a meal together in peace and goodwill and try to heal some of the ugly wounds that have been torn open in the fabric of our society...Not simply cover them over, but really heal, the way that honest, respectful conversation can heal. I wish that the longing for the continued unfolding of our common story that we all share could be stirred into a bowl of soup and passed down the table from hand to hand, and fill us up until we could see that even though our differences are very real, they do not have to defeat and divide us.
Locally Grown Harvest Meal & Challenge
If you are game, consider sourcing as much as possible for your Harvest/Thanksgiving feast from your local farmer, and let us know how you did! Send recipes & the local resources here. Our Explore Ag Guide is a great place to start.  A prize is in store for the randomly chosen winner!

Photo: Participant Terri Carboro Pitts

Photo Safari Series~ 
Speaking of harvests, our 3rd seasonal photo walk was at Shepherd's Hey Farm providing a gorgeous setting to capture Sugarloaf at sunset, as well as David O. Scott and his crew from Oak Ridge Farm a perfect opportunity to finish up their harvest. Special thanks to Robert H. Clark for his generosity co-leading the walk with Martin Radigan , and Lee Langstaff and family for their hospitality. 

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