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Bringing it Home
2nd Timothy 4:7

Ending our summer camp season and starting the school year left us in reflection with lots of take- aways, along with new strategies for our coming school year. The focus also reminded us how  important camps are to FCA's ability to reach and mold young hearts and minds. Our goal is to empower our student athletes and leaders in their Christian walk. We surveyed the students to see if we hit the mark on our goals for our camp season. Following our latest FCA Leadership Camp, we asked our campers two questions to determine what each camper had internalized  from the camp:

- What was the best part of the camp?

- Why was being a Christian Leader so important to the Kingdom?

The answers were just what I was hoping to hear: "I learned a variety of ways to lead others with my gifts and talents, gifts that I didn't even know I had!"; "I learned that God wants each of us to be leaders in our schools and communities, leaders that keep the faith and share the gospel with others until it's time our time to join the Father in Heaven."
We all have heard a coach at one time or another tell us to "Bring it Home." In 2 Timothy 2:7, Paul "brought it home" with Timothy and Titus when, at the end of his journey with Christ, he had fought the good fight, he had finished the race, and he had kept the faith.
The writings of Paul remind us of the questions and the quest of our journey. The last part of the  scripture brought it home, in our journey to know who we are, know why we are here in this broken world, know He has engaged us in His ways in His teachings, He has equipped us in His word, and empowered us with His calling for us. He is our strength, He gives us His Spirit with our steps for direction, the faith of His love for others, to keep the faith through all we endure knowing He's got this, He will never leave our side, we are His children. We will always know and feel His presence and one day we too will be bringing it home, and know we kept the faith through our mistakes, our wrong turns, we have a God with Grace and Mercy. Taking comfort in our faith guides us above all when we make it home with Him. We, as Christian leaders, know we have influence and impact on others and will stay on course in our journey with Christ.
June, July, and August were a whirlwind and during each month we got to focus on the summer  camp programs. In our camp planning we found ourselves seeing God's plan unfold in front of us with so many first-time campers. Mini-Football Clinics, 3D Coaching Clinic, volleyball, along with our Camp Timpoochee FCA Leadership Camp. I'm still amazed at how God designed our summer months with so many opportunities to see His Glory in all things.
If we did this without Him, the busyness of a summer would have defeated us before we even got  started. Keeping our eyes on His plans and opportunities became joyful with all His blessings. Can we all say, "how GREAT is our God?!" His ways are always so unexpected and ALWAYS a blessing! These three months impacted over 360 local students and introduced an expansion of 45 GA and AL students joining our area for ministry training and outreach camp ministry.
Baker and South Walton High returned for another great time with fellowship, worship, and  football. Who could ask for a better time? The athletes focused on all three and worked to grow deeper in their understanding of how to finish strong each day through their struggles, defeats, and how to keep the faith in God's plan for them during their long, day with endurance, discipline, and focus. FCA impacted 160 coaches and athletes in one weekend. What a blessing!
Back at home, Choctaw's mini-camp brought us a clear focus and understanding of we all have  purpose and a calling on our lives to live in relationship with the Lord, to have him guide our steps and be committed to Him and His ways in all we do for His Glory. This one mini-camp impacted 60 coaches and athletes, can we say praise God!
August brought a new opportunity to open our love for ministry leadership and family with our  neighboring FCA'ers in Sansom and Dothan, AL. Thank you fellow FCA staffers for having our camp blessed with your student leaders, for the Kingdom of God. It was also a joyful time with me as well...I had all my grown children share their gift and talents in service at camp this year. It was a beautiful gift to have them work alongside me in God's ministry. My heart was so full! It is truly about the journey of life with Christ, the joy in all he offers, and in experiencing His love with our earthly family. God is good ALL THE TIME! PRAISE BE TO GOD! 55 total campers attended with 4 from Alabama student Leadership.
In closing, I would like to take the time to thank you all for believing in God's purpose with your  donations to support Emerald Coast FCA. We had a successful year in ministry. We thank you for your prayers, supporting donations, time, conversations, and volunteer work this year! Let us continue to pray with great joy and praise God for His spirit with this prayer....
Lord, we know that you possess the power to calm any storm, both those around us and those within. Lord, speak to our storms, speak 'Peace Be Still'. Hush our emotions, dispel confusion and fear, quiet our souls, that we may clearly hear Your voice and be led by Your Spirit. Help us to walk in the Spirit and keep in step. Help us to be still and know you are God! Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of your stillness, your peace - You are the Prince of Peace. Lead us into your safe harbor and Bring us HOME.
In Jesus' name, Amen.

Michelle Carmical  
FCA Director for Okaloosa/Walton
mcarmical@fca.org | 217-0391

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