Teachable Moments - July 2016
A Newsletter for radKIDS' Parents and Families

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This month's special Teachable Moments is in appreciation for all you do
to help your family and other families in your community. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to live safer in this world today, but that can't happen if we don't take a stance against those who would choose to hurt others.  

Education helps each child create their own boundaries
and together we can make that happen. In honor of all in our radKIDS family,  
we hope you will share this newsletter with family, friends, and others in your community, "Together We Can and Do Make a Difference, One Child at a time". 

We are humbled by all who stand up for our children. 
We are honored to stand alongside you to let predators know... 
Not One More Child, Not Here, Not Anywhere!
8 Year Old South Jordan Boy Fights Off Would-Be Abductor 
July 2016
8 Year Old South Jordan Boy Fights O ff Would-Be Abductor


To find a
program / instructor
in my area
for my child...

The first step is

to see if there is a radKIDS program in your community. 

To find an
Instructor Training Program to Attend

you can find the schedulof upcoming radKIDS Instructor Certification Courses.

How to Bring a radKIDS Instructor Training Program to My Community

"Why are we NOT teaching our children the most effective children's safety program available today?"

radKIDS summer camp
Find a local
program or instructor
2013 WSPA 7 Pickens County, S. Carolina
Msg from Laredo DA
Strengthening Communities
If you find that there are no instructors in your area or if classes are not currently available, we strongly encourage you to:
 Become a
radKIDS Instructor
an advocate
radKIDS to
your community.
  Both options are easier than you might think. 
  Keep reading...

If  there is a training  near you or one you can get to easily, simply print a registration form and fax it to radKIDS Headquarters to reserve your space in the class.  

A ll instructor candidates at least 18 or older are welcome
to attend the training upon successful complete  a criminal history background check prior to enrolling in the radKIDS Instructor Training program. Forty hours of Instructor Training is just $495.00.
If your community does not have a radKIDS program available to your children, you have every right to ask your schools and/or law enforcement "WHY NOT?"
Isn't it time we TEACH our children what we want them to do in danger rather than TELL them what we hope they will do? If there is no radKIDS program in your community YOU can make it happen and we will do all we can to help you do that.

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Together, We Can Build a Safer World For Children

 With your help and advocacy, we can make a difference in our children's lives and at the same time, as parents and adults in the community, feel like we have helped prepare and not scare our children for the world we all live in today.

We again want to thank you for your interest in helping your children and the children in your community live and feel safer in their world today.   
The time has come to Teach, Train and Empower our children with what we want them to know and do if they meet up with a predator (bad guy) rather then Tell them what we hope they will do when or if they meet up with a predator (bad guy). 
If we can help with any additional information or
clarification please do not hesitate to contact us directly 
via email  radKIDS@radKIDS.org   or 
Phone Toll Free at:
(844) rad-KIDS / (844) 723-5437
We look forward to helping find away to share radKIDS with you, your family and community in the not too distant future and hope to hear from you again soon.
radKIDS, Inc. 
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radKIDS, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization, is dedicated to providing proven and effective life saving skills for children by teaching them how to "Resist Aggression Defensively."  The program's comprehensive Personal Empowerment Safety Education curriculum, designed for children five through 12 years of age, is based on accelerated learning theory and realistic physical resistance options to escape violence.  Through radKIDS training, children become empowered and learn to replace the fear, confusion, and panic of dangerous situations with confidence, personal safety skills and self-esteem.