Bringing the Margins to the Center
- Our November Grant Cycle

“Always ally yourself with those on the bottom, on the margins, and at the periphery of the centers of power. And in doing so, you will land yourself at the very center of some of the most important struggles of our society and our history.” ― Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Dear Resister,

We know that even in the face of formidable challenges, grassroots movements have always paved the way for change and liberation, bringing those at the margins to center while the rest of the world follows. 

That’s what makes our movement so exceptional—our togetherness is a bond that means we are never alone in our commitment for a better world. When one of us suffers, we all suffer; when one of us wins, WE ALL WIN.

Resist sits at the intersection of every single progressive issue because all systems of oppression are inextricably linked. Your support of our grantees tackles white supremacy and corporate greed on every front, from safeguarding the environment to dismantling the prison industrial complex.

Resist grantees don’t wait for those in power to solve community problems, they act swiftly, with integrity and great resolve. Those on the frontlines of change know that when we stand with them, dedicating energy and resources to their work, we are all one step closer to bringing about the change we need.

 I’m excited to announce that this past grant cycle, we redistributed $141,000 to 26 grassroots groups transforming their communities, tackling injustices, and making the impossible possible! 

Below you can read about three of our Hell Yeah! Grantees, groups that exemplify all of the radical, innovative, and necessary work happening on the frontlines of movements for social justice.

[ID: 2021 November Grant Cycle infographic. Background image is a black and white image of BLM protestors]
On the East Coast, The Black Response Cambridge (TBR) is the convener of a campaign to defund and abolish the Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Department and to establish alternative community based safety initiatives that address the root causes of harm. TBR understands that unhoused communities, disabled folks, LGBTQ and Black trans youth, in particular, are all are disproportionately targeted by policing at much higher rates than cis-gendered, able-bodied, housed residents. They are committed to rejecting oppressive hierarchies and bringing those that most bear the brunt of policing to the center of their efforts.
[ID: Black background with white text reads: "cambridge, ma THE BLACK RESPONSE" and there is a fist on the bottom right corner.]
[ID: Collage of seven members of Turning Tables cohort over pink background with purple flowers.]
In Louisiana, Turning Tables advocates for equity in the hospitality industry by providing culturally responsive bar training, mentorship, educational tools, and a network of support for the Black and Brown communities of New Orleans. They know firsthand that low-income, LGBTQ Black and Brown hospitality professionals are more likely to experience microaggressions and discrimination at work, which is why they connect students with resources and mentors that help them navigate the industry. They also work to address the root of the problem by educating employers on implicit bias and discriminatory hiring practices.

[ID: Collage of seven members of Turning Tables cohort over pink background with purple flowers.]
From the islands of Hawai’i, The Hawai’i Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines’ mission is two-fold: to raise Hawai’i’s awareness on Philippine human struggles and their intersection and impacts on Hawai’i and to train advocates for human rights through linking work between Hawai'i and the Philippines. HICHRP strongly believes and engages in broad movement building, alliance building, and intersectional work. They join in protest and solidarity with Kanaka groups who face common struggles and rights abuses as the indigenous people in the Philippines and other movements for liberation inside and outside of the U.S.. Currently, they're campaigning to stop the U.S. military expansion of facilities on native lands and Hawai’i as a whole. 
In solidarity,

Director of Communications and Storytelling


  1. The Black Response Cambridge
  2. Turning Tables
  3. Hawai’i Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines

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