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November 2023 eNews

November Spotlight

Martin's Brook Headwaters Conserved!

The Upper Valley Land Trust and the Lebanon Conservation Commission are celebrating the protection of one of the largest and most important wetland systems in Lebanon. UVLT has purchased the 180-acre “Martin Brook Headwaters” property -- forested, scrub-shrub, and emergent or “grassy” wetlands, and upland forests studded with vernal pools – for long-term conservation ownership.

Lebanon Conservation Commission Chair Sarah Riley wrote for the Lebanon Weekly newsletter:

“One of the most significant ecological areas in the City, and one of its highest-functioning wetland complexes, the Martin Brook property is important habitat for moose, bear, and beaver. It serves as a breeding area for mink, otter, and other riparian wildlife, is a deer wintering area, and hosts rare plants and seldom seen mosses.

This amazing place was recently slated to be sold and at risk of development. Upper Valley Land Trust was able to negotiate the purchase of the property, using both their own funds and a $500,000 donation from the Lebanon Open Space Trust Fund. UVLT will own and steward the property to ensure that this area continues to function at its highest ecological potential, providing habitat for wildlife, acting as a sponge for rainwaters, and supporting an incredible diversity of plant species.


The Conservation Commission is extremely thankful that UVLT made this long-standing conservation goal possible and looks forward to partnering with UVLT in the stewardship of the Martin Brook headwater area and in future conservation endeavors."

Current Happenings at UVLT

Goodnight, Gardens!

Deeply grateful for another successful season in our Food Pantry Gardens at Brookmead Conservation Area and Up On The Hill Conservation Area!

Thank you to ALL of our incredible volunteers and partners (Willing Hands, Claremont Soup Kitchen, Charlestown Food Shelf)! We couldn't do it without YOU!

With Generous Support From:

Some impressive numbers of impact include:

  • 1760 POUNDS of Produce;
  • 348 Hours of Volunteers Service
  • 5,809 Servings of Fresh Food
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Hunting Season!

‘Tis the season when hikers, runners, woods enthusiasts, and farmers share the woods with those hunting white-tailed deer. Check out regular season dates for New Hampshire and Vermont

In New Hampshire and Vermont, deer hunting is a ritual shared by a declining population of hunters. Yet, this activity is really the only way to control the population of a species that can have devastating impacts on forest health. When too many deer inhabit a forested landscape, they eat young saplings, preventing regeneration and creating openings for invasive species like buckthorn and honeysuckle to replace hardwoods and wildflowers. So, as hunting season begins this year, consider that hunters have a vital role to play in forest stewardship. If your woods are showing signs of deer browse, welcoming hunters may be the best thing to do.

During this annual “harvest,” wear blaze orange if you are out in the woods and fields, and please keep your dog leashed when on UVLT trails. It is safer for your pet and it’s considerate to hunters whose skill may keep the woods healthier for all of us to enjoy.

Reflecting on Fall Events

Earlier this Fall, UVLT was privileged to honor and celebrate two distinct individuals who deeply embody/ed the human-to-land connection that is the foundation of the conservation work we do. With support and leadership from the Lake Morey Foundation, and the Lake Morey Protective Association, family and friends of both Barbara Duncan and Ray Clark were able to come together to share in separate but equally poignant dedications to their service and commitment to our shared land.  UVLT encourages everyone to visit and explore the natural beauty of Morey Mountain Conservation Area!

From left to right: Bob Wertheimer (President, Lake Morey Foundation), Gary Brooks (Barbara Duncan's husband), Thea Brooks (Barbara Duncan's daughter) Smith Reed (Vice President, Lake Morey Protective Association), and Jason Berard (Vice President Stewardship, UVLT )

Morey Mountain Celebration of

Barbara Duncan


In Memory of Barbara Duncan

Avid hiker, environmentalist,

and advocate of Lake Morey,

the Upper Valley community,

and the mountains beyond.

Photo Credit: Jeff MacMillan. Dedication attendees celebrating at Clark Camp Circle. Ray helped to clear and design this area (formerly known as the fire pit) on Morey Mountain after UVLT acquired the property.

Morey Mountain Dedication to

Ray Clark


In Honor of Ray Clark

A champion of land stewardship,

Ray’s leadership and foresight

led to conserving Morey Mountain

and protecting its vital natural resources.

Special thanks to Trevor Ball from Set in Stone Masonry for providing the boulder marking the trail to the dedication site.

Geology Hike with Peter Thompson at

Smith Pond Shaker Forest 

In late September we were joined by a a small group of hiking enthusiasts for our geology hike with Peter Thompson at Smith Pond Shaker Forest. The intimate group size made the hike feel like a walk amongst friends. We could all easily ask Peter questions and many conversations were shared between us. Peter proved incredibly knowledgeable about the bedrock geology of the area around Smith Pond. Using a rock hammer, compass, detailed maps, and keen intuition, Peter taught us about the various rock types we encountered on our hike and, through these rocks, explained the geological history of the region. The hike culminated with a pleasant lunch at the edge of Halfmile Pond within the neighboring Henry Laramie Wildlife Management Area. Thank you to Peter and all who joined us!

Fall Paddle the Border (PTB)!!

It was a great day to be out on the water! This year's event saw a good mix of returning event paddlers and first time attendees -- proving our theory that it's never too late to pick up your next favorite outdoor hobby 😁.

We were thrilled to launch over 70 kayaks and canoes -- accounting for 80-90 participants -- the farthest reaching came all the way from Massachusetts for the day!

Follow our calendar and plan to paddle with us next Spring at this fantastic community event.

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