April 17, 2020
Bristol School District #1
Biweekly Friday Flyer
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Important Upcoming Events/Deadlines:
  • April 21: Bristol Staff Car Parade
  • April 24: Deadline to sign up for Bristol Weekly Meal Program & Chromebook Checkout
  • April 24: Complete the Bristol Families Virtual Learning Survey (April)
Renegade News:
  • District Administrator Message
  • Principal Graf's Message
  • Virtual Positive Referrals
  • BrainPOP Update
  • Need support? Contact your Child's Counselor
  • Packet Drive-Thru Thanks!
  • Bristol's COVID-19 Web Page

Community News:
  • Jr Falcon Fall Youth League Interest Survey
Renegade Resources:
Bristol Pride
Staff Vehicle Parade

We really miss our Renegade families and are excited to bring Renegade Pride to you!

Join us on Tuesday, April 21 from 9-11 for our Bristol Pride Staff Vehicle Parade
El Desfile de V ehículos por el Orgullo del Personal de Bristol

!Extrañamos mucho a nuestras familias Renegadas y estamos entusiasmados en traerles el Orgullo de Renegados!

Acompáñenos el martes, 21 de abril, 2020 de 9-11 am para nuestro Desfile de V ehículos por el Orgullo del Personal de Bristol
April 24:
Deadline to sign up for Bristol's Weekly Meal Program & Chromebook Checkout
Due to Governor Evers April 16th announcement of school closure for the rest of the school year. We are reopening Bristol's Weekly Meal Program and Chromebook Checkout Program.

If you would like your child(ren) to participate in either program, please complete this google form by Friday, April 24 at 5 pm.
¿Ocupa ayuda en inscribirse para el Programa de Comidas Semanales de Bristol o Alquilar un Chromebook antes del 24 de abril? Comuníquese con Ale Medina al (262) 891-4017 o mande un correo electrónico contactus@bristol.k12.wi.us.
Chromebook Checkout Program Important Reminders:

  • We have limited amount of chromebooks available. 
  • Chromebooks will be checked out on first come first serve of of completion of this survey. 
  • Participants will be receive more information about required paperwork and pick up prior to May 4, 2020.

Bristol's Weekly Meal Program Important Reminders:

  • All families interested MUST sign up to receive meals from May 4 to June 1; previous participation will not be rolled over.
  • If your family is currently NOT enrolled in the free/reduced meal program, your students' lunch account will be charged the full meal rate for each meal times the number of days.
April 24:
Complete the Bristol Families Virtual Learning Survey (April)
We are asking families to take a few moments to complete a survey to provide feedback on what is working well and what challenges exist for you in regards to virtual learning.

Your feedback will provide us with insight as we continue to plan for virtual learning and meeting the needs of all our learners.

Please complete this survey by Friday, April 24 at 5 pm.
24 de abril:
La Encuesta de Aprendizaje Virtual para las Familias de Bristol
Les pedimos unos momentos para completar esta encuesta proveyendo sugerencias en lo que está funcionando y las dificultades que están enfrentando en relación con la enseñanza virtual.

Sus respuestas nos proveerán conocimiento a medida que seguimos planeando el aprendizaje virtual y satisfaciendo las necesidades de todos nuestros estudiantes.

Por favor complete esta encuesta a más tardar el viernes 24 de abril a las 5 pm.
District Administrator Message
Dear Families,
The outcome of the recent Board of Education Election was as follows:

• Sue Kratowicz 660 Votes
• Adam Scheele 648 Votes
• David Blair    554 Votes
• Steve Guion   333 Votes

Congratulations to Sue Kratowicz for earning the most votes and another three-year term. Congratulations to Adam Scheele for his successful campaign. He earns a one-year term with his strong second place finish. Much appreciation goes out to both David Blair and Steve Guion for their campaign efforts. And, special thanks to David Blair for his past year of service on the school board.

In other news, Governor Evers just announced that the Safer at Home order will continue through May 26 and schools will officially close through the end of the school year. Governor Evers praised Wisconsin for our participation in the Safer at Home order and assured us that the effort is making a difference.

May you continue to remain healthy and safe! 
Principal Graf's Message

I hope this communication finds you and your family well. The Bristol School staff misses you all!

It was nice to connect and see many of you on Tuesday at the Packet Drive-Thru. I am sure we all were feeling similar emotions yesterday when we heard the news that all Wisconsin schools would remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. I too was holding onto hope that we would return to school this year.    

As a parent of two students in school, I can relate to what you may be going through. Some days we are able to finish all of the homework with no problem and some days it is a real challenge. Everyone’s situation is different and I know every day brings a different set of challenges. For this reason, below you will find the Important Virtual Learning Reminders for Parents and the Amount of Time Students Should be Spending Daily on Schoolwork.

Together, we are in uncharted waters and therefore must:
  • Adjust our instructional delivery which includes adjusting our approach to grading.
  • Move our emphasis to providing students and families with feedback regarding completed assignments and work.  
  • Shift and adjust from traditional letter grades particularly for older students.
  • Focus on creating a plan that continues to provide opportunities for academic progress while creating a no harm approach for our students.  
  • Continuing to appreciate and understand learning at home has created challenges for families and at times can be very stressful.  
  • Strive to find balance while continuing virtual learning.

It continues to be our goal to provide learning opportunities for Bristol students in order to move learning forward as best we can given our current situation. With this goal in mind, Bristol teachers will continue to provide learning opportunities, support and feedback for our students.

We will continue to communicate with families, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or are in need of support. 
We hope you remain safe and healthy during this time.  
Thank you again for your patience and support.
Important Virtual Learning Reminders for Parents:
  • As parents, you see and know firsthand how your children are responding to the schoolwork provided. 
  • If you find your children are struggling with the schoolwork or schedule, please know we encourage you to make adjustments as you see fit.  
  • We continue to encourage families to do the best they can given their circumstances.  
  • Finding balance for your family is most important; if you are finding that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done then choose to focus on the core instruction of Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies. 
Amount of Time Students Should be Spending Daily on Schoolwork

There have been some questions regarding the amount of time students should be spending daily on schoolwork. 

We will continue to follow the guidelines provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction when designing virtual learning for students. 

Please note the following guidelines for virtual learning instruction each day:
  • Grades K - 1: 1+ hours 
  • Grades 2 - 5: 2 - 3.5 hours
  • Grades 6 - 8: 4 - 6 hours

Our teachers have designed their virtual lessons within these guidelines.  
We understand that not every student will complete the given work within these guidelines.  

Some students may take longer, while others may fly through it. If you are finding your child is taking much longer than the time guidelines, again please remember balance. We encourage you to reach out to your child’s teacher for guidance on how to adjust the work if needed. 
Virtual Positive Referrals
by Sarah Lindh, Bristol's Associate Principal
Throughout the school year, I have had the opportunity to see many smiles and share positive phone calls home with families through Positive Office Referrals. 

I have missed celebrating the positive choices of our Bristol students while we have been out of the building.

Just because we are “safer at home” doesn’t mean we cannot continue to celebrate the positive choices our Bristol students are making while learning at home. 

Positive Office Referrals will be going virtual starting next week . Teachers and parents will have the opportunity to submit a Positive Office Referral to celebrate choices that exhibit self-control, hard work, kindness, positive attitudes, teamwork, honesty, responsibility, and/or being respectful. 

I look forward to connecting with families and students.
Submit a Positive Office Referral to celebrate choices that exhibit:
  • Self-control
  • Hard work
  • Kindness
  • Positive attitudes
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Being respectful

When a Positive Office Referral is submitted:
  • I will reach out to the student and family to celebrate and recognize those positive choices, just like when we were in school.
  • I encourage you to submit a Positive Office Referral if you feel your student has exhibited positive choices during this time.
BrainPOP Update

Students in grades 2-8: Please be advised that on April 18 & 19, BrainPOP will be undergoing maintenance. Some features and services may not be available at times.
Bristol's E-Learning Counseling Services

Our counselors are committed to being there for Bristol students during this closure.

  • We are prepared to continue to communicate with our students and offer support. 
  • During this time, please keep us informed of any new pertinent information regarding your child and his/her educational and emotional success and well-being*. 
  • Weekly Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 9:30-11:30 am

*Due to the nature of the internet and email technology there can be no assurance of confidentiality when using this online form of communication. 
Access your Student’s Social/Emotional Classroom Counseling Lessons:

  • Weekly virtual school counseling lessons via Google classroom will be provided.  
  • Review Bristol's Counselor Classroom Assignment.
  • Your child’s teacher may have sent you a code to connect you to our Google Classrooms.
Thank you to all who participated in Bristol's Packet Drive Thru on Tuesday, April 14, 2020!
Stay Informed!
Bristol School District's Website now includes COVID-19 web page that includes Bristol updates and family, health and Wisconsin resources!
Jr Falcon Fall Youth League Interest Survey
Would your family be interested in participating in a
fall youth league* for grades 5-8?

The Jr Falcons Girl Program strives to develop the individual physical, mental, and emotional talents of 5th through 8th grade girls in our volleyball program. Through sportsmanship, team competition and fun we encourage responsibility, compassion and excellence in all aspects of performance, both on and off the volleyball court.

*Since the Jr Falcons Girls program is a feeder program for the Westosha Central volleyball program, girls in the Westosha Central School District in grades 5th - 8th who will attend Westosha Central High School are eligible to play.