April 3, 2020
Bristol School District #1
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Renegade News:
  • Bristol Staff Message
  • Spring Election and Presidential Preference Vote Reminder
  • District Administrator Message
  • Principal Graf's Message
  • April 14: Packet Drive Thru
  • Spring Break Reminder
  • Bristol's Weekly Meal Program Update
  • Open Enrollment Window Reminder
  • NEW: Bristol School's s Counseling Department Resources Web Page
  • NEW: Bristol School's Virtual Storytime Web Page
  • NEW: Bristol's Technology Web Page
  • Google Accounts, Gmail and Google Classroom Reminders
  • Bristol's COVID-19 Web Page
Renegade Resources:
Important Reminder: Spring Election & Presidential Preference Vote
 Spring Election and Presidential Preference Vote will take place as scheduled on April 7, 2020.

All voting will be at the Village Hall; there will be no voting at Holy Cross Church
District Administrator Message

Dear Families,

Today marks the beginning of COVID-19 Spring Break 2020! Prior to "going off the grid," I want to wish you and your family all the best during this huge "staycation" for the masses. I hope you are taking care of yourself. I hope that you continue to train and challenge your mind to see the good in everything. Yes, even through the Coronavirus pandemic. Positivity is a choice! The happiness of our lives depends on the quality of our thoughts.

I know that life will give us what we are willing to fight for and stand up to, all the while becoming the best version of ourselves. Please take the next 5 minutes to watch the video below, preferably not around very young students. The colorful presenter walks the adults in the audience through an important event in his life when he was a very young boy. 

I'm sure he'll draw you in and paint for you pictures of parenting styles, bullying, stereotyping, defeat, victory and "noogies." He will also help to motivate you during these challenging times with a very positive message
Principal Graf's Message

Dear Bristol Families,

Let me begin by saying how much we miss all of our students. We hope all our students and their families are finding a virtual learning routine that works for you.
Although none of us have experienced anything like this before: our teachers, students, parents and community have quickly risen to the occasion, as usual! We would like to thank everyone for your kindness, support and grace during this unprecedented time.

We understand many of you are still working and have several children to help, in addition may be experiencing financial concerns, health issues, etc.  

We are here to patiently support our students and you throughout this challenging time. We will continue to do our best to provide essential schoolwork to keep our students' minds moving forward. 

As parents, you see and know firsthand how your children are responding to the schoolwork provided. If you find your children are struggling with the schoolwork or schedule, please know we encourage you to make adjustments as you see fit. Please continue to contact your children’s teacher via email or call the school office if you need help.  We are here to support students and families.

Next week, April 6 through April 13, is Spring Break. Hopefully the weather will be warmer and you will have the chance to enjoy some fresh air while social distancing.

During Spring Break, our teachers will not be providing virtual learning activities. Any students who may have unfinished work may wish to utilize this time to catch up on work; however, teachers will not be available for virtual support during the break. We encourage families to utilize spring break as a time to take a break and reset before we resume virtual learning lessons and support on Tuesday, April 14.

We appreciate what you are doing to support your child’s learning during this unprecedented time.  
Save the Date: Packet Drive Thru
Tuesday, April 14
Bristol School is continuing to provide a variety of instructional delivery methods from virtual to paper. Please save the date for the next Packet Drive Thru.

When: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 from 7:30am - 7:30pm
Location: Bristol School
Bristol's Weekly Meal Program Update

Due to our previously scheduled Spring Break our meal program will not take place during the week of April 6 - April 11. No delivery or pick up will be available.

Bristol’s Weekly Meal Program will resume again on Monday, April 13th.
NEW Bristol's
Counseling Department
Web Page
We are excited to unveil Bristol School's Counseling Department Resource Web Page!

Bristol's Counselors specifically developed this web page to support the current virtual learning adventure.

The web page includes helpful resources for the whole family on the following topics:
  • Virtual Counseling Services
  • Social Media Presence
  • Mental & Health Wellness
  • Emergency & Non-Emergency Resources
NEW: Bristol's Virtual Storytime Web Page
Bristol School District's Website now includes a collection of stories read by Bristol Staff.

Visit at your convenience and play over & over again!
NEW: Bristol's Technology
Web Page

This web page is designed to provide Bristol students and families with resources and information about how technology supports education during the school closure.

Content is continuously updated; visit this web page often.
Available Resources:
  • Google 101
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Docs: Word Processing
  • Google Sheets: Spreadsheets
  • Google Slides: Presentation
  • Google Classroom: Assignments, Homework, etc.
  • Google Drive: Location where files are stored
Google Accounts,
Google Email & Google Classroom Reminders:

Google Apps for education allows schools to create user accounts without providing access to email hence differentiating between “Google Account” & "Gmail”.

Google Account:
  • Provides access to Gsuite (an office suite similar to Microsoft Office).
  • All Bristol students & Staff have a Bristol School managed Google Account.
  • The Bristol Google Account is accessible from any device with a browser and internet connection.

  • A Gsuite application*
  • All Bristol staff members have a Bristol Gmail Account
  • Students 2nd - 8th grade have Bristol Gmail Accounts
  • Students 4K-1st grade do not have Bristol Gmail Accounts; staff and students communicate through Google Classrooms
*Bristol School can control who has access to Gsuite applications such as gmail. These applications are accessed through your student's Bristol Google Account.

Google Classroom:
  • Child’s digital classroom where teachers post assignments, instructions, homework and more.
  • All assignments should be submitted through Google Classroom; assignments should not be emailed to teachers from personal email addresses.
Stay Informed!
Bristol School District's Website now includes COVID-19 web page that includes Bristol updates and family, health and Wisconsin resources!